Memory Foam Mattresses & Memory Toppers buyers Guide

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Full Memory Foam Mattress Or Memory Foam Topper?

The first decision that must be made regarding a memory foam product is whether to go with a full mattress or just a mattress topper.

• A full memory foam mattress is the ideal first choice, and only a full memory foam mattress will provide all of the benefits of memory foam.  In addition to being the healthiest mattress available, memory foam mattresses are also far more durable than traditional inner-spring mattresses, lasting up to twenty years without requiring turning over ( although mattresses can be turned around)
• A good memory foam mattress has between two and three layers of foam of various densities that are designed to work with each other, these layers of high density foam provide the perfect balance of support and body-conforming softness. 
• Three layer mattresses are typically better than two layer mattresses, however some companies are now producing up to six layer mattresses.   Anything more than three layers is mostly just a marketing ploy, and won’t provide any extra benefits for sleep.  Mattresses with numerous layers also have more layers to tear and fall apart, this is due to the construction of the mattress or overlay, the manufactuers use a thick glue to fdabricated the layers, this is the industry standard, however more layers in a mattress  reduces a mattress or toppers life.

Topper Selection

Toppers are an affordable alternative to a full memory foam mattress.  A topper is a layer of memory foam designed to fit over an existing mattress.  They come in a variety of thicknesses and densities, and are capable of providing many of the same benefits as a full mattress.
The most important point to remember about memory foam toppers is that they are only as good as the base they’re sitting on.  If your old mattress has sags, dents or other inconsistencies, this may cause your memory foam topper to sag as well.  This can diminish the topper’s ability to provide the proper support associated with memory foam mattresses.  As a general guideline, if you’ve had your mattress for a period of  five years or more, you should look into a full memory foam mattress, rather than just a topper.

Why do I need a memory foam topper?

• My back hurts when I get up in the morning
• My arms feel numb at night
• My neck is stiff in the morning
• I have a guest bed that no-one wants to sleep on
• My sofa  bed is very uncomfortable
• I just bought a new bed, but it's firmer than anticipated
• I have fibromyalgia arthritis, or serious lower back pain
• My doctor advised me to get better sleep
• I toss and turn at night trying to get comfortable
• I never seem to get a full nights sleep and feel fatigued in the morning  


Density is one of the most important characteristics of memory foam, and it has a direct correlation to price.  The  density also has much to do with the performance of memory foam, and is particularly important when choosing a topper because there are so many density options from which to choose.
The density of memory foam is measured in pounds per cubic foot.  Higher density foams have a longer “memory”, meaning they conform precisely to the body, and then regain their original shape rather slowly.  High density foams also tend to change temperature more slowly, and will usually feel firmer at first, before body heat softens them.


Choosing the proper thickness of your topper is just as important as choosing the proper density, and the two are closely related.
• People who prefer a firm sleep surface, as well as those who prefer to sleep on their stomach, should go with a two inch, high density topper.  The high density foam, (4 lbs/cubic foot, or more) will provide proper support, and the two inch thickness will keep stomach sleepers from sinking too deeply into the surface.  Check out the deep detox range ( type this into google)
• For side and back sleepers, or for those who sleep in a variety of positions, a three inch topper is usually the best way to go.  Three inch toppers of a lower density, (three to four lbs/cubic foot) are also the best choice for those who prefer a soft sleep surface.
• As a general rule, the higher the density, the thinner the pad can be while still providing proper support.  With lower density foam, the pad will need to be thicker to provide adequate body support.


Memory foam mattresses and memory foam toppers softens in response to body heat, this temperature sensitivity allows your body gradually sinks into it.
This reduces air circulation around your body and makes the mattress feel warmer. Many people find this helpful in winter, especially because you can't use an electric underblanket with memory foam. But you may feel slightly hotter in the summer. Memory foam is affected by room temperature so you might find it cold when you first go to bed.

Smells and odours

Some  memory foam mattresses have a distinctive chemical smell when you first unpack them, Chinese imported mattresses tend to be extremely pungent, always buy from a British bed maker to ensure a reliable product, but some mattresses were particularly smelly . Leave your mattress to air for before using it and the fumes will disperse

Purchasing a Mattress or topper

Buy a memory foam mattress from a reputable mattress company,   Once you have purchased  your memory mattress, make sure that, if you put it on a slatted base, the slats are no more than 6cm wide or more than 4cm apart approx. This ensures sufficient ventilation, but prevents the mattress sagging through the slats. A reflex support base mattress will ensures that the mattress is suited for beds with a slatted base.
If you're allergic to dust mites (bed bugs), buy a mattress with a washable cover,  Foam coverting companies will not provide a cover and tell you that this is the best option as they are able to offer the topper or mattress a cheaper price, unfortunately from experience i would suggest purchasing a mattress or topper inclusive of a washable cover, this will protect your purchase in case of spillages etc, some memory foam shops selling conversion company stock  will charge for the topper protector separately.

Bespoke Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for a Bespoke memory foam mattress, this can also be made to measure from UK based manufacturing companies, check "bespoke mattress" in google for a list of suppliers.

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