Motocross bikes Read this before buy any CR KX RM YZ

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We have been in the motocross game for 20+ years now and the amount of motocross bikes sold as the wrong year is getting seriously stupid !!!!!

Frame and engine numbers tell you the year of manufacture and as we have most of the microfichie films from 1984 we are here to help and sort this problem..... before buying a bike i suggest you call us with the frame number to confirm the exact year on 01744 612902

I can guarantee there will be quite a few motocross bikes listed on eBay that are being sold as the wrong year.

I can also tell from a full picture of the bike or can give a range of years its is ... email me the item number and i will have a look and tell you what i think but to be sure get the engine and frame number.

Also do not rely on pictures shown on as most of these are also incorrect

Here is a few guides:

  • All CR's in 1992 went to white tank and in 2000 to a Black tank except the CR 80's & CR500's

  • All CR 85's (first introduced in 2003) have a black tank with 2 radiator shroulds if only 1 rad shrould and a white tank it will be a CR 80

  • CR 80's went to upside down forks in 1996

  • CR 250's went to crankcase induction in 2002 and also introduced the RC valve previous to this its the HPP system (look on the cylinder) 2003 went to the electronic exhaust valves and in 2002 they where cable operated

  • CR Aluminium box frame 250cc first in 1997 .. 125cc first in 1998

  • RM 125's and 250's went to black tank for years 1993 to 1995 in 1996 they went back to convention forks and a yellow tank in 1999 they went back to the upside down forks

  • All RM 80's have conventional forks and RM 85's (first introduced in 2002) have upside down forks

  • All YZ's went to blue plastics in 1996 (the main thing to check is the colour of the tank )

  • YZ 80's went to upside down forks in 1993 the YZ 85 was introduced in 2002

  • a CR with 82cc barrel is NOT a CR85 !!!!! Please also note there are 2 versions of CR KX RM YZ 80s 79cc and 82cc

  • Perimeter frame on KX125's & 250's first happened in 1990

  • KX 125's and 250's went to a black tank in 1993 (please note the green shroulds cover it) in 1990 they had gold upside down forks and in 1991 they had blue upside down forks

  • KX 80's and KX100's went to upside down forks in 1997 and 1998 they introduced the exhaust valve (power valve)

  • KX 80's have only one radiator shrould where as KX 85' (first produced in 2001) have 2 shroulds coming off a black tank

Obviously people are buying parts and finding they are not fitting ie gaskets sets plastics pistons etc so supplying the frame or frame and engine number helps stop hassle on both customer and supplier.

So when buying from us please supply all info where possible to get a smooth tranaction.

ie If buying piston kits check that its not had a liner fitted and rebored ... oversize pistons will have numbers stamped or etched on the top of the piston ie 1.75 is 1.75mm oversize from standard .. i can get these for most m/x bikes CR YZ KX RM KTM in Prox , Wossner and Wiseco please see my listings in my ebay shop or call us on 01744 612902

Here's our shop ... if you live in the North West of England pay us a visit ... we are in between Liverpool and Manchetsr 3miles from M6 junc 23

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