Motorcycle Leathers Size Guide Help & Advice

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I get lots of questions regarding the correct conversion of Euro to UK sizes in one & two piece leather suits, jackets and trousers, usually after somebody has purchased a set from ebay only to find they do not fit.

The guide below should help in establishing your correct size:


Two piece Suits: Always make sure the trousers are the same Eu size as the jacket or at least that the trousers work out to be your size. Different size trousers to jackets may mean different length zips and make the suit uncomfortable when zipped together. Also bear in mind that most ready made two piece suits have a short style jacket meaning you would not be able to wear just the jacket without it riding up your back.

  1. As a general guide you take ten off the euro size on the tag to get to your chest size. For example: Eu 50 will be approx UK 40 Inch chest - EU52 a UK42 Inch chest and so on.
  2. For the waist size take off 16 - 18 from the Euro size in the suit. So an Eu 50 suit will be approx a 32 - 34 inch waist - an Eu52 suit will be a UK 34 - 36 waist.


  1. The same rule applies just take ten off the EU size in the garment. (See item 1 for two piece suits).

Trousers: make sure the knee cups stay on your knees when you hit the ground- simple test is to sit in your riding position and fall forward onto your knees - if your knees fall out of the cups or dont stay in the centre the trousers aint right.

  1. For seperate trousers again  off 16-18 from the eu size in the garmet.

One Piece Suits: One piece suits are usually a tighter cut than two piece, quite often a person that is an eu54 in a two piece will be an eu56 in a one piece, see the notes entitled 'Further help' for additional info.

  1. The same rule applies here as the Two Piece suits but you just take off the required amounts from the one size printed in the suit.


  1. Most manufacturers of ladies leathers work to a simple size rule, An EU 40 will fit a size 8 an EU 42 will fit a size 10 and so on.
  2. One piece suits again come up slightly smaller than two pieces.
  3. Please bear in mind when ordering that although most of your high street shops have seem to have made clothes slightly larger than they used to be ( a size 12 now used to be closer to a 14) leather manufacturers have not and a size ten is a genuine size 10.

Further info:

A few other things to take into consideration:

  1. Manufacturers have, for our convenience, produced many different types of one piece suits from the outright race suit to the touring suit. You must not take for granted that one model of a certain make fits you in an eu52 say that another model will also, it depends on the style and cut of the suit and it's intended use.
  2. Despite the size guide above being a good general rule nothing beats popping into your local dealer and trying on a suit , just make sure it is the same size, type and manufacturer as the one you want to buy on ebay.
  3. Suit fitting also depends on your height ,  body shape , inside leg , measurement from crotch to neck and length of arms.
  4. Always try the suits on in the shop with any back or body protection that you intend to wear.
  5. Try to buy from a seller with a returns policy, you don't want to be stuck with a suit that does not fit -even if they don't advertise one just ask if they are prepared to take it back if it does not fit.

I hope this helps in some way, feel free to message essexbikerscentre through the ebay system for any enquiries you have or advice you may need. We are always happy to help - even if you don't purchase from us.

Ride Safe.


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