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mug design and printing

Sublimation is a process where the ink is heated and turns to a vapour which soaks into the fabric of the item you are printing either a shirt, mug, coaster or mouse mat

For the process to work the items to be pressed must be either polyester or coated in polyester or in the case of a mug they are coated with a thin layer of polyester only coated mugs can be printed

you can either print your own transfers or use a printing service to print your transfers for you most will quote per A4 sheet and are great for standard subjects or frame works i.e text where you then insert your own picture

To print your own transfers you would be better off using a epson printer and a bulk ink system (ciss) inks are roughly £25 per 100ml so if you use a 6 colour printer can work out more than say a 4 colour but the way to go would be decide what you planned on printing so more colour detail then a 6 colour or if you mainly wanted to do text and images so on then you could get away with a 4 colour printer

Once you've decided what you were printing and have your design ready to print either flip the design in you picture editing software or click mirror image in your printers preferences

cut your transfer into strips you will get 3 full wrap designs per 1 A4 sheet

when happy place your transfer on the mug image side facing the mug and tape into place making sure your design is level and flat then place mug in your pre heated press and close the press and set pressure you want to grip the mug rather than try to bend it if you get my meaning  and press for say 3 minutes (will vary depending on mug,ink,transfer type)

remove hot mug from press carefully take off the transfer and place mug in a bowl of water to cool down once cool give a wipe over and your done


Then as they say bob is your uncle you have a printed mug ready to sell

This is only a basic guide if you require a more in depth guide or have any questions please use the ASQ link

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