Nike Pro-Combo Irons - 3 to PW

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I am a tall guy who likes to try and kill the ball pretty much every time he hits it but was finding that injurys were becoming too frequent so changed my swing and suffered from problems with my current set of clubs with "straight line issues". The swing change helped no end with back and shoulder problems but unfortunately I could not "hit the side door of a barn with a banjo" as far as my aim was concerned. I know I could have done all sorts to sort it but as every bad workman will know - it was the clubs fault!

I noticed aset of Nike Pro-Combo irons here on ebay and thought that I'd try a second hand set to see how I go. The set did not set me back too much and my feeling was that as it was a decent name I could get rid of them fairly easily if I didn't like them. Having used them a good few times now I think I'll be holding on to them for a good while yet!

As the irons are a progressive set; the long irons are cavity backed whereas the short irons are blades, they offer a lot to the average golfer I am. I have not noticed much difference in distance to any of my previous clubs but they do allow a straight shot from my new swing (listen to me talking like Tiger Woods!) The long irons give great feel and I am able to control the ball so much better than before - actually putting a ball somewhere like where it is supposed to go. The middle irons offer a decent amount of control with the short irons being really nicely balanced and give a nice touch around the greens.

I added a Tiger Woods 60 degree wedge and that complements the rest of my clubs really well. I can get a nice amount of spin from the short irons and with practice am confident that the figures will really start to drop soon....... I just need to improve my wood shots and my putting and we might be somewhere near ok!!!!!!

I know there are a lot of clubs on the market, probably with better reviews than the Pro-Combo, but I would certainly recommend them to anyone who's had a few years playing. An don't forget the name looks good with the other guys around the 19th hole!!!!

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