No Holes, No Drill, Easy Fit Parking Sensor Explained!

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We've all seen the ultrasonic parking sensor also know as an ultrasonic reverse sensor, reverse parking sensor or parking aid that contain 4, 6 or even 8 sensors in the kit that mount in the bumper of your vehicle, car, 4x4, van or motorhome, by drilling holes and then fixing the sensors in. 

With this type of kit you then have to get your paint brush out to match the colour of the sensors to the colour of your bumper. Not an easy task for various reasons and then when the job is complete they look pretty unsightly and ugly.

Another major problem with ultrasonic sensors is that they are often too deep for the car's design and when inserted upon installation they often hit the metal crash protection bar located directly behind the bumper. This is to make the vehicle structure stronger and protect the passengers inside of the vehicle.

If you're currently thinking about installing a parking and reverse sensor and don't really wish to start drilling your bumper with the fear of mis-aligning the sensors or just making a bit of mess of it, well the good news is there is an easier alternative that when installed is totally discrete and completely invisible.

So what is the No Holes, No Drill, Easy Fit parking and reversing sensor technology?

Electromagnetic parking sensor technology is a discrete, unique, maintenance-free, 100% reliable product that mounts on the inner side of your front or rear bumper giving all round protection. This new and revolutionary technology ensures that your bumper remains hole-free and 100% in tact.

This is a high performance parking sensor compatible with any car, vehicle, 4x4, van, motorhome, caravan will sense any object, person or car located behind your vehicle, and will provide you with an early warning alert system to protect your vehicle from Bumps, Scrapes & Expensive Collisions.

The electromagnetic parking sensor technology is typically used by the elite car manufacturers and retains the prestige and new factory look of the vehicle. The bottomline is that only you will know its fitted. There is currently only one original brand on the market of this product and its the Parking Dynamics PD1. Beware of any cheap inferior imitations from China that are fake copies and will offer you little or no parking and reversing protection at all.

Find out more about the Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Reverse Sensor

The Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Sensor will help increase the safety of yourself and other road users, and could be responsible for helping to reduce parking and reversing accidents by up to 75%.

By installing the Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Sensor on your vehicle, Pedestrians, including Children, The Elderly and Infirm will give them Invaluable and Timely Protection from the simple dangers of vehicles on the roads, that carry out Parking and Reversing manoeuvre's. 

Countless Tragic Accidents occur when simply parking and reversing along our own driveways, or from our own garages, and making quick illegal manoeuvre's to change your road position. These often lead to the unfortunate (and easily avoidable) injuiries to and deaths of many young children.

The Electromagnetic Parking Sensor Kit comprises of:

1) The Antenna is a very strong flexible adhesive metallic tape that mounts behind the bumper. Its 2.7m length ensures 100% bumper coverage of even the largest vehicle, offering a full, all round detection zone. This can be cut to any length in seconds

2) The Sensor is the 'brain' of the PD1, and mounts securely using the supplied adhesive Velcro either inside the boot or behind the vehicle bumper. Dimensions of this discrete unit are (L57mm x H13mm x D33mm)

3) The Speaker is small and at just 20mm in diameter mounts anywhere inside the vehicle. The audible tones that are emitted to alert you of the proximity of surrounding objects can be clearly heard even when mounted at the back of the vehicle close to interior panels.

4) Universal Installation Instructions are included covering the easy 3-wire installation enabling any basic DIYer to install this without any problems making the installation simple, safe and secure.

Electromagnetic Parking Sensor Technical Operation:

When reverse gear is selected the small control unit generates a magnetic field and transfers this to the transceiver adhesive strip that is placed on the inner side of and run the length of your bumper.

The magnetic strip then sends out an elliptical magnetic field to cover full the area around your bumper, rear and sides. The transceiver strip works by sending and receiving unlike ultrasonic parking sensors that require 2 types of sensors, one to send and one to receive; if they become dirty the ultrasonic performance can deteriorate.

Mass is then monitored by the control unit by translating this into a voltage. When an object (i.e. people, kerbs, cars, etc) heavier in mass than the magnetic field enters this elliptical zone, an increase in voltage is detected by the control unit and you are then informed by a series of audible tones how close you are to the object. You can then manoeuvre accordingly with plenty of time to react.

Find out more about the Parking Dynamics PD1 Parking Reverse Sensor

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