Olympic 50p coins which ones are worth the most?

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Which ones are worth getting?With the London 2012 Olympics well and truly over people from all over the UK have snapped up the mint rare 50p coins.  

Some were printed more than others and some have become really rare.  

Some 50p coins go for as much as £30 for the triathlon which is a bit crazy but if you really want to complete your collection is it worth it?  

Well the value is in the eye of the beholder and complete sets with completer medallion can fetch up to £100 with a value of £14.50 sterling it promotes a great profit for collectors to hold on to as coins get lost and end up in landfill making them even rarer.  

The coins to look out for are 

1. Triathlon 
2. Football Offside Rule
3. Wrestling 
4. Judo 
5. Cycling  

These coins are quite common on eBay but 2 years since they we're printed they are fetching crazy money I even still get some from super markets I would advise if you get any that you keep hold of them or stick them on eBay as you can make an easy profit on them.
These aren't the only coins worth looking out for a "Kew Gardens" 50p has a value of up to £30 on eBay because only 210,000 we're printed and are very scarse so do check your change it could make you a mint.

Another coin to look our for is the olympic 50p swimming. There was an error with the royal mint and the accidentally printed a coin with lines going across the swimmeres face. Only 600 of these were released before the royal mint changed the design. These are fetching over £3000 when they were first placed on eBay so keep checking your change it could be worth a small fortune.