One Sky Box, Two Rooms

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Sky in two rooms doesn't always mean a multi-room subscription.

Sky Multi-Room is the most flexible way to watch Sky in more than one room but it also pushes up the cost each month.  One receiver can drive more than one television and you can watch live television as well as recorded shows in either room.  A Sky receiver only has one output so both televisions will always have the same show but if you can live with that restriction, connecting televisions is an easy job.

To watch television in HD needs an HDMI connection into both televisions.  The Sky receiver has only one HDMI output so this needs to be split with a 2 way HDMI splitter.  One output links straight into the first television.  The second output connects to the second television.  Long HDMI leads are expensive and they are bulky.  Feeding a large, stiff cable through the house can be a problem so the alternative is to use one or two CAT5 or CAT6 cables instead.  These are standard network cables and are far less expensive than long HDMI leads.  They are also much smaller than a long HDMI connector.  An HDMI - CAT5 converter is all that is needed to link the Sky HDMI signal to the second television.  You can run the CAT5 cables up to 30 metres  - more than enough for any size house and there is absolutely no loss of quality.  The picture will be every bit as crisp as the original.  For any but the longest cable runs, CAT5 cable works just fine.  It's less expensive than CAT6, easier to handle and the image quality is just as good.

The last step is to add a remote control extender.  One more CAT5 cable connects an infra-red extender so the Sky hand control operates the receiver from another room.  For the most reliable operation, always make sure the IR extender is a micro-controller based unit that properly filters unwanted IR signals.

And there you have it.  For less than £100, you have Sky in a second room.  The same set up works for Virgin cable or even Bluray players.  Whatever the equipment and whatever make of television, this simple solution works and delivers full HD quality around the house.  See a range of product for  Video over CAT5 here.
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