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Buy tyres online: all you need to know

Need new tyres on your vehicle, but not sure of the best way to go about it? We take you through the simple process of buying new tyres online.

Once upon a time if you needed a replacement tyre for your car you'd have to head over to a local tyre fitters, sit around in a grubby waiting room, and pay whatever price they decided to charge you. But not any more. There are many online tyre buying websites that take all the pain and hassle out of replacing your tyres.

How they operate

The online tyre sites have a brilliantly simple business model. You tell them what size tyre you're after, either by inputting the size if you know it, or by putting your car details in (usually just the numberplate). They then give you a range of tyres in that size from the budget brands to the high end expensive brands. You choose the tyres you want and then decide on how, when, and where you want them fitted.

How to choose the tyre

There are considered to be three categories of tyres – budget, mid range/intermediate, and premium. If you're the kind of driver who just thinks a car is for getting from A to B and take no particular delight in driving, then get some budget tyres. You almost certainly won't notice the difference between budget and premium brands so will be wasting your money. It is worth looking at the EU labelling ///link to article??/// and in particular the wet braking distances. They range from A – G and there is a considerable difference in ability from top rated, to a low rated tyre. As a result we'd suggest using this to inform your buying decision rather than any particular brand name.

But where are they fitted

You generally have three options. The first is that the tyres are delivered to your house, and it's up to you to take them to a tyre fitter, or garage and get them to fit and balance the wheels for you. Be aware that garages can charge up to £40 per tyre so this may not work out as cost effective as you'd expect, although it does give you the freedom to pop in when it's convenient for you.

The second option is the most commonly opted for – you choose a local tyre fitters, and a time and date. The tyres you order are then delivered straight to the garage, you turn up at the allotted time and the tyres are fitted while you wait. This (in theory) minimises your waiting time, and means that you can have the tyres of your choice, and not just whatever's in stock when you turn up.

The final option (which not all tyre comparison sites offer) is mobile fitting. This is the most convenient of them all. You choose a time, date and location and the tyre fitter comes to you. This can be at your home, place or work, or anywhere suitable. The fitter will come with a van fully equipped to replace and balance the new tyres.

Why should I buy my tyres online?

There are a few reasons why buying tyres online makes sense – firstly it gives you the ability to choose from loads of different brands and price points – and not just whatever the tyre fitter has in stock. Secondly the competition between sites has really brought the price down, and means that you'll end up paying a much fairer price than you once would have. There is frequently very little difference in like-for-like prices across the main online tyre retailers which can only be good news for us consumers!

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TOP TIP: Be aware that many of these sites try and push certain brands, so make sure you scroll down the page to see what other tyres they offer, there are often bargains to be had if you dig a little deeper.

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