POPITS - An Exciting Innovation in Nail Application

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POPITS are a dual system nail form, image a full set in under an hour envy time with ease! Basically you prep the natural nail, apply acrylic to the nail form, pop it on, pinch form off and vola - no finishing.

1. Prepare the natural nail as you normally do, nothing different here.

2. Apply your tips - French or Natural, nothing different here.

2a. It is possible to use Popits without using tips. 

3. Sanitize the nails.

4. On clean dry nails apply primer if required by your brand of product, nothing different here.

5. Choose one the Popits that fit the natural nail from side wall to side. This is where the fun begins.

6. Fill the Pop It with your brand of acrylic.(Make sure it goes all the way up the edges and sides)

7. Place the Pop It at the cuticle and hold with gentle but firm pressure. How long you hold will depend on the product you use and temperature. The colder it is the longer you will need to hold.

8. If you have put to much product into the Pop It turn the hand over - palm side up and remove excess product.

9. Repeat the process on all ten nails. Will a little practice you will know how much product to put inside the Pop It.

10. Pinch off the Popits and smooth away any rough edges.


What are Popits? It can be described as a mould for making nail enhancements.

Will I be able to do my own nails? Definitely - You apply the acrylic into the Pop It and then pop it on.

Can I do nail art? Yes, Pink and Whites once you become more skilful, even embedded art.

How do I rebalance the nail? As you normally would or you can use the pop it. Once you prep the nail, the nail is ready for the popit application.

How smooth is the finishReady for polish.

Using tips and popits will make doing a set of nails more expensive? Yes, however you will do them faster enabling you to do more clients. Easily fit clients into a lunch break without the sweat that they may arrive late or your running late with your previous client.

How should I charge for this service? The same as you currently do, making more money in less time or keep in mind the extra cost and reduce the charge. (Don't reduce the charge so much that it is not more profiable). If Popits saves you 25% in time then you may want to reduce the charge by 10%. If you need more help on this one please copntact me.

Are Popit safe? The not so skillful nail tech will find Popits createless truma to the nail which inturn means less damage.

If you have any more questions regard Popits please ask! 




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