PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 - Pro's and Cons

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Hi all, welcome to my FIRST ever guide, hopefully you will enjoy reading it. The PSP has 3 different models, 1000, 2000 and 3000. But what are the pro's and cons of each? Read on to find out!


The PSP 1000 also known as the Phat or Fat was the first PSP to be released in March 2004.

Apart from gaming the PSP 1000 has other uses like:

Internet access



Themes... And the list goes on, I'm sure I don't need to mention everything.

So firstly we'll start with the PRO's of the PSP 1000

The PSP 1000 has a very solid and strong outer shell. What i'm trying to say is that if you accidentley dropped your PSP it wouldn't break into pieces and never work again. I myself am a proud owner of the PSP 1000 and the amount of times it's fell out of my hands is endless (most of the drops on hard flooring), and the damages that my PSP has is just a few marks, the odd scratch but nothing major which will affect your gaming.

Now we'll go through the CONS of the PSP 1000

This model is the first and to many people like me it was an extremely great product, however it lacked a few things. The first I am going to talk about is its heavy chunky sides. You'll notice if you ever get a PSP 1000 for the first time and you hold it in both hands it will feel kind of uncomfortable and awkard, but don't worry you'll soon get used to it.

Looking at the 1000 on the right we can see just how chunky and thick it is.

Also when on the internet I sometimes got a message like or 'The page cannot be displayed, conserve memory' This was quite annoying because after sorting the memory it still came up with the Page cannot be displayed.

The screen of the PSP 1000 is quite reflective especially in the night, sometimes when I'm watching a movie or playing a game on the night the light is so reflective, even on the lowest screen setting it still hurts your eyes.

One other thing which I feel is a problem is the battery life. For some people they may not be worried about it but I feel the battery life could have been slightly longer. On full charge I get around 4-5 hours, and for some one that uses his PSP almost everyday, watching films and listening to music, 4-5 hours just isn't enough.

Moving swiftly onto the PSP 2000 also known as the PSP Slim or Lite. This model was realeased in September 2007 and has been a very successful system.

Again, we'll begin with the PRO's of the PSP 2000

Well first of all, the PSP Slim, no suprise why they called it this. The PSP 2000 is around 2mm slimmer than the 1000 and weighs 23g lighter. This doesn't sound like much but infact it's a huge change, the 2000 is alot more lighter making it feel less pressure on your hands, the bulkyness of the 1000 doesn't exist on the 2000 and the PSP 'Slim' lives up to its name.

The 2000 also looks the part, it has a kind of glossy effect which sets it off making it look great all of the time.

The AV cables can be bought from stores or on Ebay and enjoy your movies on a big screen.

Not only this, the 2000 has many new additions like the Skype feature. If you own a headset you can call other skype users wirelessly through the WI FI connection and you can speak to those all around the world!

When buying a headset, you should recieve a remote with it, ALL HEADSETS REQUIRE A REMOTE. If you buy a headset for a PSP 2000 but want to use it on a 1000, simply put a PSP 1000 remote in the headphone socket instead of the 2000

The RAM on the 2000 has been doubled, this means if you're on the net, you won't get those annoying messages like 'Conserve memory' or 'The page can't be loaded'. Also, you will see that games will run more faster and smoother, the same will happen when you're on the homepage. 

The battery also on the 2000 has been increased which gives you longer playing time if you are a daily user on the PSP. Another new addition is the TV video output. 

The 2000 has the capability of connecting to your T.V, the wires can be purchased in most stores. The quality is great and your PSP is on big screen! Take gaming and movies to the max, enjoy them on the big screen

Looking at the thickness of the 2000 (on top) we can see it is slightly thinner, the headphone socket has been moved also

Now to the CONS of the 2000

Although the PSP 2000 is alot more slim and lighter, it is a good thing but in a few cases can be seen as bad. Many people have dropped their PSP 2000 and because the outer shell and materials used on the 2000 are less thick and lighter, they are more prone to damage and are more likely to break.

Also, things like the disk tray are weak and flimsy. Alot of the pieces on the 2000 are made from plastic unlike the 1000 which had alot more stronger materials, metal for example.

Still, the PSP 2000 is too reflective, the light hurts your eyes and sometimes would put you off from playing.

Last but not least the PSP 3000, released in September 2008, hasn't really been out a long time, just under a year but has been very successful

Starting with the PRO's of the the PSP 3000

The huge new addition which is impressive is the anti glare screen, no more reflective screen which affect your eyes! The screen still keeps its great quality and holds a better resolution but doesn't crash into your eyes. Enjoy the gaming experience with great quality with the new and improved screen.

Again, this PSP is slim making it fit well in your hand and you feel comfortable holding it.

One other new addition which no one was expecting is the built in microphone! Instead of spending your money to buy a headset which will tangle all of the time and get in your way now you can talk wirelessly on skype, or instead when you're playing games like Socom and Killzone Liberation you can use the mic online to communicate and play.

Looking at the 3000 which is the bottom picture we can see that quality of the screen has changed massively, pictures look more realistic.

Now it's time for the CONS of the PSP 3000

The main thing in which I'm quite suprised is the battery life. Being a new and improved model I would have though Sony would have increased the battery life but instead the battery life has decreased, it is smaller than the 2000's battery life.

Other cons about the 3000 is that it may need an extra analogue stick? This could be to enhance gaming and improve the way you play.

Like the 2000, the 3000 is more prone to damage, the PSP 1000 is the best built, it is strong unlike the others.


So that sums most of my points about all of the PSP's and hopefully after reading it you will have decided which PSP you would go for.

Personally, i'm sticking with the 1000, it's simple, classic and well built. I've tried to explain all of the points thoroughly so if you didin't understand anything or want more information on a specific topic i've covered or haven't already, feel free to drop a message i'd be happy to read them.

Also, if you need any help regarding PSP's send me a message, i'd be more than happy to help you out!

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