PURE Avanti Flow iPod Dock DAB / FM / Internet Radio

Like if this guide is helpful
the device is built well and has great features, it is one of the best internet radios out there.

i have owned a Roberts Radio WM-201, which this surpasses in terms of features on the unit and build.

but as an internet radio the wm-201 beats it.  why?  well it's the lounge site you see.  the lounge, where you manage your internet favourites has poor useability compared to what the wm-201 uses, reciva.co.uk.  lots of annoying flash and clunky search.

it's a big disappointment for me.  i can't get some key radio stations such as www.bigupradio.com (roots, dub and reggae) which is a well known station.  also you cant add streams such live365.com stations.  on reciva, if you ask for the station, they add it pretty much the next day.  i have sent the complicated request form to Pure a week ago with no idea whether my request has been looked at.

so if you are serious about your internet radio, think very carefully before investing.

sure it looks good, but then so does Paris Hilton...

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