Postage to and from Northern Ireland.

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There are some very unscrupulous people in the UK. !!!!

Unfortunately some people still believe that Northern Ireland is a Foriegn country and as such requires postage costs in the extortionate to get here. WRONG. Believe it or not Royal Mail WILL bring post to us and more shockingly for the same price as you would send something from London to Glasgow for example (Obviously depending upon where you are in the country). Yes we still get first class post the next day from England and yes we still use the recorded and special delivery options with the same required effect as the 'Mainland' Also, as far as im aware, all couriers will deliver to us. So if your thinking of selling something on Ebay PLEASE dont exclude our little haven just because there is a stretch of water between us. It wont cost you any more to send it and it would be grately appreciated by the many Northern Irish contingent of Ebayers.

I believe this also works in the opposite way as well and you good folk of England, Wales and Scotland dont always have a great deal of faith in our postal system. The amount of queries I've had when selling an item from people asking how long would first class take from NI is just shocking. Can i just reassure people that you will recieve your item as quick if not quicker sometimes than if you had bought it locally.

To illustrate my thoughts on pricing read the following,
I have recently had serious trouble just getting someone to courier a package over to England from NI just because it was "a little long". Now i know that ALL courier services have their restrictions but seriously. Sending an oversize package causes Courier companies to go into meltdown and start charging silly figures because and i quote "the cost of the package is directly proportional to its size and volume it takes up" WHAT!!!!. I just want you to take it to my buyer so i can get a Positive feedback NOT to charge me the national deficit of Bolivia just because it has to go on a plane and not a lorry. I had to go and measure every dimension of all the packages so that they could work out the volume and then ask me to remortgage my house to send the item.  So i think i need to relay this information to you the reader.

1, When buying on Ebay always check if the seller will actually send to NI. So many times i have found the perfect item only to read the line "Will not ship to N. Ireland" or "Mainland UK only" at the bottom of the page. Very disheartening.
2. Check postage costs on your item. If your buying email your sender to confirm postage cost. Always remember that most everyone adds a little on for packaging however some people can rip the ass out of it and try charging £30 to send something that would fit in a small envelope. This tactic is used to keep the cost of the item down and to ensure a cheap sale as they make their money back on the postage and pay ebay less commision on the sale. If selling be honest, give accurate costs and always try to use good quality packaging as your buyer will appreciate receiving their item in good order also reducing the chances of having to give refunds on damaged goods.
3. For larger items consider using Couriers. I have found parcelforce to be a quality service and you get a couple of delivery options. You will need to know the weight of your item to send it however if people enquire as to delvery cost you just need their postcode and you can get an accurate delivery estimate for them. Also if you register you can get a little discount (£1) on each item booked. Not much i know but another quid saved. The best thing about this service is that they come to you to pick the item up. However DO NOT forget to check restrictions of carriage. ie what size and weight they will carry up to.
4. Finally my last piece of advice. If your not sure or you are in doubt about sending the package then just keep it as pick up only. You will reduce the chances of your item selling however as i found to my own cost after charging £60 for a large delivery and ending up being charged £120 by the courier sometimes it pays to let someone else do the leg work.

Cheers All hope this enlightens a few dark heads.

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