Poultry Shield for Red Mite Control

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Red Mite are a parasite that feed from your birds. The first symptoms of Red Mite tend to start with the bird looking anemic and listless or not wanting to go into the house at night. A broody ditching her eggs halfway through incubation is often also an indication.  It is important to check your poultry house regularly for any signs of the mite. The most common places to find them are the dark corners of the house, the nest box and perch holders

Poultry Shield is a disinfectant which is also extremely efficient at controlling Red Mite.

  • It works by destroying the waxy coat of the mite, thus causing it to the dehydrate and die.
  • Poultry shield should be diluted 1 part to 10 parts water and a pump sprayer should ideally be used to apply it.
  • Clean your poultry house of as much bedding as possible and spray the inside of the house paying particular attention to the joins, cracks and crevices. Allow to dry.
  • As a partner Diatom powder can be used to dust in nest boxes, perch holders and the floor. This acts as a back up to any mites missed by spraying.
  • Apply poultry shield along with diatom on a regular basis to both disinfect your house and protect your birds from red mite infestation
  • Do not be tempted to use other household cleaning products as many contain caustic chemicals which can be absorbed by eggs.


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