Power Bank Buying Guide.

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Power Bank Buying Guide.

In present day, we use electronic devices on day-to-day basis, such as our mobile phones, tablets. The problem with these so powerful devices we are using is that it consumes a lot of energy, and they could drain their own batteries in such a short time. Of course, without energy, these so smart, and so expensive devices are useless and worth as much as paperweights. So, power bank can serve this purpose perfectly. It could energize your devices back to life and prolong the usage of your devices for hours.

The question is 'how do you know which one is the right power bank for you?' If you search on eBay, you could find a lot of different styles, different specifications of power banks. It looks confusing, right? Actually, it is not that hard, if you follow my recommendations.

Now let see what you need to look before buying one.

1. Your device battery size.

You can take note of this information from your package or search on the internet about your device.
Usually this information will be in battery section, which mentions the size of your device's battery.

iPhone5 has
BATTERY   Non-removable Li-Po 1440 mAh battery (5.45 W)

Samsung Galaxy S4 has 
BATTERY   Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery

2. Charger specifications.

Charger specification should located on usb adapter bundled with your device.
The information we are looking for is the output voltage and output current of the adapter.

Samsung Galaxy S4 usb adapter specifications
In this case, it is 5.0V and 2.0A.

Now we have all necessary information for buying a power bank.

1) The power ba nk we buy should have at least the same size as our device battery to ensure at least 1-full charge for your device.
For example: If we have iPhone5, we should buy a power bank with at least 1440mAh.
If we have Samsung Galaxy S4, we should buy power bank with at least 2600mAh.

2) The output voltage of the power bank should have output voltage and current equal or higher than your device's charger specification.
I recommend the output should be at least 5.0V and 2.0A, since most modern smart devices adopt this standard.

In addition to those two specification above, I recommend looking for power bank with addition charging cable and connector adapters, because it could help when you need charging other devices in unexpected situation.


Power bank with two charging ports

  • For charging safety, if your power bank keep rapidly heating up, do not hesitate unplugging it immediately.

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