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Procerin is a con. The ingredients can be bought separately, much cheaper from other sources. The benefits of these constituents are generally marginal however. Promotions surrounding the Procerin product indicate that 'small' 'colourless' hairs will appear on your hairline after taking the product. They claim that these are new growths. They are not. Chances are you haven't noticed them before they were pointed out by these claims and this will seem encouraging. The fact is that these are dying hair follicles. As they become more constricted by DHT they grow weaker with shorter and paler/whiter hairs growing from them. By the time your hair loss has further progressed you may have spent £90 or more on this product and you will not achieve the results they claim because a herbal food supplement (which it essentially is) can NOT combat the might of the human bodies testosterone levels. It is a ludicrous notion to assume that it might. The only use this product has is as a supplement but really the ONLY solutions are prescribed (procepia etc.) and even then they only work for some. Hair loss isn't a good thing to go through, many find it deeply upsetting- what makes it worse are people ripping into the finances of the sufferers and misleading them in to spending their money  on products that don't work. There are many claims out there that this is not the case but, sadly the vast majority are 'planted' by the various companies who will make money out of you. Boots the chemists operates a hair retention programme in many of their stores that include a pharmacy. They provide effective means for patients to retain and eventually regrow their hair. It takes time and doesn't work for everyone but there can be viable solutions. Then again, there are ways to come to terms with your hair loss- shave it off! Live with it and you'll see that in reality it doesn't matter; no one stares at the top of your head when they're talking to you. You are no less attractive because essentially who you are as a person is what counts- much more significant than what's on the top of your head.
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