Quooker taps on eBay: be aware!

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I'm interested in these products - from a trade point of view as well as as a consumer.

I've noticed a few recently being offered without the boiling water generator tank - the part that is essential for the tap to do what it's supposed to: dispense instant hot water. Without this, the tap is useless (and pointless).

I made enquiries recently to Quooker - due partly to having been offered one from a refurbishment site where the tank had been thrown away with the rest of the plumbing - about buying a replacement tank. I then looked on eBay - and saw the taps here too. 

Quooker themselves advised me the following which I feel is only fair to pass on:

1. The tank is NOT normally sold separately; therefore if you're tempted to buy one on eBay advertised as WITHOUT a tank and you haven't already got a suitable tank, ask the seller why there's no tank, and where the tank is, as it could be very difficult to get one post-purchase. 

2. To get a tank, you need to supply the serial number of the tap to Quooker. Therefore, be suspicious if (as I've found recently), sellers won't provide this.  Here's Quooker's response:
"The serial number would be located on a small black plastic tag with a white sticker on it – it starts with Q followed by some numbers. The tag is typically attached to the metal braided hose with a wire-tie."

3. ***MOST IMPORTANTLY***: A number of dummy taps, i.e. that don't work, are released to the trade from time to time for displays in showrooms only. It is highly possible that these too find their way onto eBay.
In the light of the above, BE WARNED!!
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