Record VHS to DVD with a DVD/VCR Combination Player

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Record VHS to DVD with a DVD/VCR Combination Player

Recording VHS to DVD is no longer the complex process that it used to be. Now, with the use of a DVD/VCR combination player, the process is quite simple, so anyone is able to accomplish this task. These devices have many advantages. If they wish, buyers can watch their old VHS cassettes without transferring them to DVD. They can also watch DVDs and record content directly from the television to watch later. Recording VHS to DVD using a DVD/VCR combination player is quick and easy.

Buyers do need to ensure that they choose a disc and a recording format that provides a recording time greater than or equal to the length of the VHS cassette. If buyers want to be able to watch their recorded DVD on any DVD player, they need to understand how to finalise it properly using the edit menu on their DVD/VCR combination player before ejecting it, otherwise it only works on the original player. DVD/VCR combination players can be bought at electronics and home entertainment shops. For a wide choice, shoppers can also buy their DVD/VCR combination player on eBay.

What is a DVD/VCR Combination Player?

A DVD/VCR combination player is a single device that can play both DVDs and old VHS cassettes: it combines two substantial devices into one relatively small unit without lots of complex cabling. To record VHS cassettes to DVD, the player must act as a recorder. These players also allow buyers to watch their old VHS cassettes without recording onto DVD. DVD/VCR combination players are very useful devices, which can transfer home videos to DVD. Any VHS cassette can be copied legally provided it is not prohibited by copyright. This is useful as DVDs are a sturdier, more durable, and more reliable recording medium that does not degrade like VHS. Many people of a certain age still have large VHS collections of their favourites and do not wish to replace them with DVDs. They may also have a significant DVD collection. A DVD/VCR combination player offers the best of both worlds.

Regionality for a DVD/VCR Combination Player

Buyers need to make sure that they purchase a DVD/VCR combination player that is compatible with the area in which they live, or the region of the DVDs that they play most commonly. There are eight distinct regions and different countries have different region numbers. Regions are in place to prevent early releases in one area being played in another area before their scheduled release date and to regulate price.

The table below shows all of the current DVD regions. It also shows which countries belong to each region. This allows shoppers to make sure that they purchase the right machine for their country.




USA and Canada


UK, Western Europe, Japan, and the Middle East


Southeast and East Asia


Australia, New Zealand, Central America, South America, and Mexico


Russia, India, and Africa




Reserved for future use


Airlines and cruise ships

Using the table above allows buyers to purchase the right device for their region. Buying a DVD/VCR combination player of an incompatible region means that buyers are unable to watch their favourite DVDs.

How to Record VHS to DVD with a DVD/VCR Combination Player

Without a DVD/VCR combination player, the process of recording VHS to DVD is very complicated, involving complex wiring and two large, bulky devices. This problem is eliminated with the use of a DVD/VCR combination player. This multifunctional device makes the process of recording VHS to DVD very simple, and requires little technical skill. The first step, and one of the most important is knowing how long the VHS cassette is so that a blank DVD of the appropriate length can be chosen, otherwise there is a danger of only recording part of the content of the VHS.

Connecting the DVD/VCR Combination Player

With the power turned off on both the television and the DVD/VCR combination player, plug the cables into the output ports. The output port to use depends on which cable type a buyer chooses. Make sure that the connection is secure. Connect the other ends of the cables to the input ports on the television.

Prepare the VHS and DVD

Take the VHS cassette to be recorded and make sure that it is completely rewound, or rewound to the point from which a recording is required. To preserve the video so that it cannot be recorded over accidentally, for example, by hitting the wrong button on the DVD/VCR combination player, remove the security tab located at the back of the video, usually on the left hand side. Place the video in the DVD/VCR combination player. Place a blank DVD of the appropriate length into the DVD player.

Selecting a Recording Format

Buyers must choose the recording format, as many DVD/VCR combination players are able to record in several modes and formats, including high-definition, high quality, standard play, or long play. Selecting a recording format is important as it dictates the available length of the recording time. The higher the quality of the format chosen, the less recording time is available. High-definition and high quality recording formats offer the very best picture quality, but the least recording time. Standard play offers a compromise between picture quality and recording time, and is a common format choice. Long play and extended play greatly increase the available recording time on a single disc, but the picture quality suffers enormously.

Recording from VHS to DVD with a DVD/VCR Combination Player

To start the actual recording, select play on the VHS player and when the picture appears on the television, press the dubbing button, rather than the recording button, on the remote control that operates the combination player. This tells the DVD/VCR combination player that it is recording with the VHS cassette as the source.

After the Recording has Finished

When the recording has finished, it is possible to simply eject the DVD. The DVD in this state plays only on the machine that it was recorded on, so it needs to be finalised. Without being finalised, it is impossible to play the recorded disc on another machine. To finalise the DVD so that it can play on any compatible DVD player is a simple, yet often overlooked step. Before ejecting the DVD, enter the setup menu using the remote control. There should be an edit disc feature. Select this feature and then choose the finalise option. Once this process is complete, the DVD is able play on any compatible DVD player.

How to Buy a DVD/VCR Combination Player on eBay

eBay has a range of new and used DVD/VCR combination players. Buyers can search for the item from the eBay homepage by entering a phrase in the search box, such as "DVD/VCR combination player". If the buyer has a specific player in mind, then they can use the brand or other features in the search phrase. They can then narrow down their search results using the filters that eBay offers. These filters allow the buyer to choose the price range and the condition of the item.

Before purchasing an item on eBay buyers should read the description of the item carefully and look at any available photographs to make sure that the item is in a good condition. If they have any concerns about the item, then they can ask the seller a question. Buyers are also able to check postage and packaging costs, accepted payment methods, and the returns policy in the item description page.


Feedback is a great way for buyers to see what other buyers thought of a particular seller on eBay. Feedback is left after the transaction has been completed. It can be positive, negative, or neutral. Sellers who have a high percentage of positive feedback are likely to offer an excellent service.


A DVD/VCR combination player is a versatile device that allows buyers to watch both DVDs and VHS cassettes. These devices also allow buyers to record directly from the television to play back later. VHS cassettes that are not bound by copyright, such as home movies, can be recorded to DVD with the touch of a button. A DVD/VCR combination player allows buyers to record, rejuvenate, and preserve their VHS collections. DVDs provide a more durable recording medium that does not degrade if properly cared for. It is important to buy a DVD/VCR combination player that is of the right region, to ensure that DVDs can be played successfully. When attempting to record a VHS cassette to DVD, buyers have to know the length of the cassette, and choose a DVD and a recording format that provides enough recording time to avoid cutting off midway through the recording. eBay sellers offer a selection of DVD/VCR combination players.

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