Reflex Memory Foam Mattress Scam

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Reflex foam and Memory foam are two completly different types of foam, although there are a number of dodgy sellers on ebay who are conning customers into thinking that they are selling the far more expensive Memory Foam mattresses when they are only actually getting cheap Reflex Foam.

There are different types of memory foam mattress, of which the best type are the ones that contain springs.

The most common type of memory foam mattress is the type with Memory Foam on top of Reflex Foam. The reason these are the most common is because many companies are jumping on the Memory Foam band wagon due to it's popularity. Anyone can glue a layer of Memory Foam on top of a slab of Reflex Foam, and put it in a fabric cover, but it takes an experienced bed and mattress company (and expensive equipment) to make a mattress that contains springs.

Reflex Foam is made up from lots of bubbles which when pressure is applied will squash sideways, but will be trying to regain their original shape. When the pressure is taken away the foam will spring back to it's original shape.......hence the name Reflex.

Memory Foam is actually the oposite in construction to Reflex Foam. It is actually made up from very small holes (the higher the density the smaller the holes). So when pressure is applied the air slowly seeps out of the holes allowing the Memory Foam to mould to the contours of your body. Due to the fact that there are no bubbles trying to push back and regain their original shape, there will be no pressure points. It is probably best described as like lying on soft sand where it will shape to your contours, but won't be pushing back against you. When you release the pressure from memory foam it will leave an imprint for a coule of seconds (hence the name Memory), before slowly going back to it's original shape.

Some sellers have lied by saying that 'Memory Foam' is just a generic term used for all types of foam. This simply isn't true, and is just a scam to make people think that they are buying an expensive memory foam mattress, when they are only actually getting cheap reflex foam. The trouble is that anyone who has never owned a memory foam mattress wouldn't know the difference, so 100's of people are being taken in by this scam and conned.



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