Refunding Items Via PayPal Correctly

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I have noticed that many sellers do not know how to correctly refund items via PayPal they just use the send money tab on PayPal to send the money back. There’s two problems with doing this you the seller don’t get your PayPal fees back for receiving the money in the first place and also if you send the money back using the send money tab then the buyer ends up having to pay PayPal fees to receive their own money back so therefore I decided to write this guide with instructions on how to refund correctly so you the seller get your PayPal fees back and also the buyer does not pay PayPal fees to get their money back.

How to refund correctly: -

1) Simply login to eBay then click on my eBay.

2) Scroll down to the item you wish to refund in your sold items

3) Click on the drop down box to the right of item you wish to refund then click on view PayPal Transaction

4) You will then be taken to the order details on PayPals website you will have to login before you can view this

5) Now if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the current page and click on "issue refund"

6) Now you can type in the amount to refund (all or partial refund) then Wright a message to buyer in the box Provided and click on continue

7) You will then see the confirm refund details screen this will show how much will be refunded and how much PayPal fees you will get back.

8) Now simply click on issue refund

9) That’s it the buyer will receive a email stating the item has been refunded including the message you wrote in the box.

You can issue a full or partial refund for 60 days after the original payment was sent. When you issue a refund, PayPal refunds the fees, including partial fees for partial payment refunds.

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