Retrieving a lost car radio code in under 5 minutes

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Lost your car Radio Code?

This guide will help you to retrieve your car radio code in under 5 minutes


My name is Jonjoe Lewis, I am the owner of IRC UK  we have been supplying instant car radio codes by serial number since 2006 online, radio codes need to be supplied if you do not have the original code for the radio, the reason you need the car radio code is when the power is disconnected from the radio, it will become 'code locked'.

There are two way's that you can retrieve your radio code:

 Request the Radio Code By Telephone 01379 669375.


Buy Your Radio Code From Our eBay Listing.


To get your radio code, you will need to remove the unit from the vehicle, to do this you will require 'Radio Removal Key's or pullers as they are sometimes called, you can purchase them also here on Ebay in my listing, or other Ebay members listings.  Once you have removed the unit, you need to locate the serial number, part number or model number depending on the manufacturer of the radio.  Most serial numbers are fourteen digits, you can locate the serial number on a label or etched into the side or back of the radio, the fourteen digit serial number will begin with two letters, for example:
RN = Renualt, RG = Rover, GM = Vauxhall, in my shop you would see an example of your serial number.  Once you have these details you can buy your code from us, Ford, Blaupunkt, Delco, Sony, Becker, Philips & Grundig are supplied instantly once we have received payment, Chrysler, VDO, Clarion and radio's manufactured early 1999 are sameday. All radio codes supplied by us are guaranteed original.

You local main dealer can normally supply your car radio code via chasis number or registration number they can sometimes be expensive and require you to attend, to locate your local dealer you can search the local yellow pages.

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