Rider Flip Flop Buying Guide

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Rider Flip Flop Buying Guide

Rider makes many types of high quality sandals. Flip flops are one of the most popular types of Rider sandals available. Before purchasing Rider flip flops, buyers should learn more about the models for men, women, and children.


Men's Rider Flip Flops

Men's Rider flip flops include the Cape, which is made from tough plastic and rubber. This style is ideal for athletic activities, such as hiking. Rider Cape flip flops are available in five colours. Amazon is another popular style of men's Rider sandals. Amazon flip flops are made from canvas and have a hard rubber sole. They are available in several shades of brown and grey. This style is ideal for a holiday at the beach or general casual wear. Rider Ran flip flops are lightweight, and have thin plastic straps and highly flexible foam soles reinforced with rubber.


Women's Rider Flip Flops

Women's Rider flip flops include the Island, which has arch support designed specifically for the shape of ladies' feet. The insole is made from a soft foam material that is covered in a layer of water-resistant rubber. This style is ideal for walking, and even light jogging. The Rider Cloud has insoles with extra cushioning that look and feel like stepping on many tiny pillows. The breathable canvas strap is thick enough to distribute the weight of the sandal evenly during strenuous activities without putting any stress on the area between the toes. Rider Cloud women's flip flops are available in brown or pink.


Children's Rider Flip Flops

Rider children's flip flops for boys or girls include the Cove and Cove II. Cove flip flops have soft breathable insoles and durable rubber soles. The insoles have several small holes to improve airflow. Their ergonomically designed straps distribute pressure evenly across the feet for the maximum level of comfort. They are available in green, blue, or red. Cove II flip flops have some slight differences; rather than small holes in the insole, these flip flops have grooves that allow air to flow around the feet. They are available in blue, pink, or a camouflage pattern.