Rubber Ducks!

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I'm a bit of a collector of rubber ducks! (My guilty pleasure!) Now when I say rubber ducks, I don't mean the bog standard yellow ones you might generically get in your bath. I'm continuously on the hunt for ducks that stand out from the collection so far consists of over 50 rubber ducks ranging from ones with flowers on to Count Duckula himself! But what to look for when searching for a rubber duck?!

My favourite duck brand has to be Bud Ducks! There is so much to choose from in their range and they come in various sizes. I have more mini ducks as they tend to be cheaper. And they don't just offer collectable ducks, duck accessories are also made by bud ducks; key-rings, can even get a bud duck umbrella! 

I also love the Celebriduck range (sadly I don't own any at the moment), these are limited edition ducks styled after celebrities or film characters. You can get the characters from the Wizard of Oz in duck form, with other goodies like a Gene Simmons KISS rubber duck or for the Black Sabbath fans Ozzy Duckbourne!!!! These ducks are so clevely made and styled and there are so many that I need to add to my collection!

Another duck I think I should mention is the Giant Rubber Duck, now this is a generic plain yellow rubber duck, but one that stands at a whopping 32cm! For duck lovers everywhere this is one duck that needs to added to your home! For practicality purposes, it's pretty useless but a great novelty item and would certainly put a smile on my face!

Rubber Ducks are something of a novelty gift, but if you pick an unusual duck tailored to the interests of the recipient, they are bound to love it. When I graduate, I'm making sure a graduate duck gets added to the duck family rapidly filling my house! 

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