SKY PLUS (SKY+) boxes - some advice on buying a box

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Some advice to anyone thinking of buying a SKY PLUS receiver on eBay

Having just fallen into the trap of buying a Sky Plus box off eBay and thinking I could use my existing viewing card and set up to make it work - I thought I'd write a quick review to help anyone in the same position.

There are loads of Sky Plus receivers listed on eBay everyday going for good money - many are being bought by people as a replacement for a damaged unit they already have.  However - if you currently have normal Sky digital service and are thinking of buying a sky plus box on eBay - it WON'T WORK!  (As I found out)

Normal Sky Digital service requires just one cable from your Dish (I think called an LNB cable) to work - SKY PLUS, however, requires at least 2 LNB cables to work to allow the receive to record a channel allowing you to watch a different channel.  If you don't have the two cable running from your dish - which you won't if you haven't signed up to Sky Plus - then the receiver won't work.  Oftne your Sky viewing card won't work in the new box either as Sky limit them to work on only one machine.  All the Sky Plus box will be good for is for watching Freeview channels.  To make your Sky Plus box work you will have to contact Sky and pay for them to send an engineer out to run a new cableto your box (Or call a local firm). 

So it's not as easy as it appears and not as simple as just buying a Sky Plus box and plugging it on!

My advice - if you don't already have Sky Plus service - just call Sky and upgrade your service with them. They will sell new boxes from 49-99 pounds depending on your package and will have it installed correctly for you.
As an added bit of advice - trt calling them and pretend you want to cancel your subscription - they will put you through to a departement with people who are paid to 'talk you out' of leaving.  At this point you should be able to get a really good deal for upgrading and staying.  I got a free Sky Plus box and half price installation just by 'agreeing' to stay with them! 

A lot easier than buying a second hand unit on eBay.

hope this helps

PS - what did I do with the unit I bought on eBay? Relisted it and made 30.00 profit!!  So not all bad in the end.....

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