Searching for Shirtmaster Ironing Board Covers?

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One day in May this year a customer of ours rang us and asked if we supplied Shirtmaster ironing board covers?
If you haven’t heard of the Shirtmaster, it is a slightly unusually shaped ironing board. What you find, however, is that their users are very loyal and they really swear by the Shirtmaster.
Within the industry the Shirtmaster ironing board was known and respected and we assumed their covers were widely available. Our customer, however, was having great difficulty in sourcing one and asked if we could help.
We agreed to try.
This is what we found…
The Shirtmaster ironing board was supplied by a mail order company called Business & Domestic Products Ltd which was owned by the Hunter family.
Robin Hunter was the inventor of the Shirtmaster ironing board and from 1985 the company sold this and many other household commercial and domestic products. The company had over 25,000 customers and was clearly well thought of.
Unfortunately Robin passed away in 2009. The Hunter family exclusively licensed the Shirtmaster boards and covers to Morphy Richards.
So, Morphy Richards was the next place to try.
We went to Morphy Richards’ website and searched for Shirtmaster. At the Shirtmaster page it says, “This product is now obsolete.”
Morphy Richards was looking like a dead end too!
We rang Morphy Richards and found that they had sold all the stock they had of Shirtmaster ironing boards and covers.
We then contacted the manufacturer of our own range of ironing board covers and asked if they could produce Shirtmaster style covers. They said they could. We gave them the go ahead and soon we had Shirtmaster style ironing board covers in stock.
We rang our customer – who was delighted!
We are now probably the only place in the UK from where you can buy a new Shirtmaster style ironing board cover. If you need one, click here.

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