Selling Iraqi Dinar in the UK - May 2014

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Success in changing Iraqi Dinar into £ Stirling!
I purchased Iraqi Dinar in 2008 via Barclays bank however when I wanted to cash in the remainder (1,000,000) they really didn't want to know. This is now common as most of the big banks have withdrawn trading Dinar. Web search was virtually fruitless. Best on the net was from Iraq bank in London but the rate was ridiculously low (offered only £300). Through a friend he advised TTT Moneycorp Ltd at Gatwick airport (They have a number of branches in the North and South Terminals). Chose the main one in the South Terminal (next to the train station exit - open 24hrs a day). Helpful staff and exchanged without problem - rate on 21.5 14 was 2256.108 which netted £443.24. If you need to ring TTT to get latest rate phone 01293 568687. 
The purchase of Iraqi Dinar at the outset was in the hope that the currency would be revalued following the end of the gulf war. It may still happen but its a long shot. If you are holding onto Dinar then now may be the time to cash them in as the restrictions on trading are getting tighter. Logically speaking (and only my opinion) if the Dinar was revalued then a whole new series of banknotes would be required and the current one would be virtually impossible to use in everyday life. Additionally, it may be very difficult to get your money back apart from travelling to Iraq to cash in your old notes. Would make for an interesting though!
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