Set up a new Sky Remote Control to work with your TV

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Ok so you've purchased a replacement Sky box with remote control or just a replacement Sky remote control but it dont work on your tv set???

I had this problem and had trouble finding instructions on how to get it to work.... I presumed I had to use my existing TV control for the volume and standby functions ..... alas fear not ..... these can easily be reprogrammed to work with your TV and to save you the effort of searching for instructions, I thought I'd bring the information to you.

Setting up the remote control to work with your TV....

1) turn on your tv and Sky Box

2) Find your tv brands unique 4 digit code... press the interactive button on the remote control then go to Sky Customer Service and then Technical Pages...theres a detailed list of makes together with their codes.  Make a note of the 4 digit code, then exit the menu.

3) Press TV on your sky remote control

4) hold down SELECT and the RED button together for a couple of seconds.... the red light on your remote control should flash TWICE

5) press TV again

6) key in the 4 digit code relating to your brand of tv - the light on your control should again flash twice. (If it doesnt flash twice you may have the wrong code entered..... finish the sequence and if the control doesn't work properly repeat these steps and enter the code correctly.)

7) Press the STANDBY key on your remote control.

a) if the tv switch off, press SELECT or

b) if the tv doesn't switch off press TV and then STANDBY. The tv should now switch off. Press SELECT.

And voila - your remote control should now be able to function with your tv set ie. turn up and down the volume, mute and change between TV and Sky functions using the TV & Sky buttons.


I hope this information is useful for someone :o)

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