Sharp Microwave R270SLM

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If you’re looking for a sharp, stylish, and compact microwave, that does all your basics, such as heating milk, cooking jacket potatoes, ready meals and defrosting foods, then look no further than the Sharp microwave R270SLM model. It does all your basic functions, hassle-free and takes up less space on your worktops.

Boasting 800-watts of power, you get all the benefits of an “E” rated microwave, which cooks foods in the fastest time possible, with the added benefits of it being a Sharp microwave, using touch technology, giving you plenty of preset programmes, ready to use with push button simplicity.

A few of the preset functions include:

  • Tea/coffee reheat
  • Pasta/Pizza
  • Frozen meals setting
  • Vegetables
  • Popcorn


    Sharp Microwave R270SLM Review

    All the basics you might want to use your microwave for, the Sharp microwave has the recommended settings, pre-programmed, ready for you to push a button and put the microwave to work.

    What you need to know

  • 800 Watts Compact Sharp Microwave
  • 20 Litre/0.8 cubic feet capacity
  • 10 power levels
  • 8 auto-cook menus
  • 3 express cook menus
  • 2 express defrost functions
  • With a 20 L capacity, it’s still large enough to accommodate full size dinner plates. So if you’re worried that going compact and downsizing is going to be  a problem, then you can rest-assured that this Sharp microwave is still going to do be an excellent choice, suitable for reheating full size dinner plates.

    The turntable is 271 mm in diameter, which is only 1 cm shorter than the standard full size microwaves. So you get a more compact and stylish microwave, without sacrificing on space.

    It can be difficult to find the exact dimensions for the Sharp R270SLM, so for your convenience, those are listed below.

    Key details

  • Sequence programming: Yes
  • Controls: Touch control
  • Turntable material: Glass
  • Interior material: Painted
  • Auto minute function
  • 99-minute timer
  • MAFF Category ‘E’
  • 10 power levels
  • 8 auto-cook menus
  • 2 defrost options
  • Size (Litres): 20
  • Turntable dimensions (mm): 272
  • The Technical Details for the Sharp R270SLM microwave:

    The power of the , combined with the compact build and stylish finish, makes it a perfect appliance to suit any kitchen. It’s interior is finished with a metallic paint, making it super simple to wipe clean. That’s especially handy if you’re using it to cook liquids, and it boils over. There’s nothing worse than having to scrape off frothed milk from a microwave. With the Sharp R270SLM micro, you can simply take a cloth and wipe down the interior walls. No chemical solutions required.

    With a couple of defrost options, it’s especially useful for those who like to cook in quantities and freeze your foods for later. You can simply use the normal defrost function, or if you’re in a hurry, set it to the “express defrost” and you’ll food will be defrosted much faster.

    With 8 auto cook menus to choose from, there’s going to be a setting already programmed for most of the foods you’d be cooking with a microwave. Whether that be heating up your vegetables, (frozen or root),microwave chips, baked potatoes or boil in the bag foods, you’ll find the Sharp R270SLM microwave has your needs catered to.

    With 10 different power level settings, you can use the power that meets your requirements.

    What we like

  • No clock, so you’ll not be tempted to leave it plugged in just so you can see the time
  • Category E power rating – Highest power rating class so your foods faster
  • Compact dimensions yet still accommodates full size dinner plates
  • Wide range of preset functions, including “tea/coffee reheat,” “Pasta/Pizza,” “frozen meals,” “Vegetables” and even one for “popcorn”
  • Also has a weight based defrost program and you can also cook your meats based on the weight selection
  • The Sharp R270SLM is a “no bells and whistles” Sharp microwave. Just does your basics and gives you preset cooking options, without the hassles of selecting grill/micro combo, convection/grill/micro combo. It’s a microwave and will cook foods fine without having to combine cooking functions
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • High power
  • Looks and feels sturdy and lasts for a long time
  • A common problem with touch control microwaves are the huge amounts of programmes you have to navigate through to find the one that you need. The Sharp R270SLM microwave, is one that’s built for convenience of doing all the basic functions, you’d need a microwave for. Cooking fast meals, reheating or defrosting. It’s not there to replace your conventional oven, but to give you more convenience in your kitchen.

  • Sharp R270SLM is like Clockwork

    There is some criticism that the Sharp R270SLM has had, about it not having a clock on it, but in the end, if you need a clock in your kitchen, it’s easy enough to find one that hangs on your wall.

    Something that happens when you do have a clock on your microwave is that you’ll be tempted to leave it plugged in and the power on constantly. It’s a lot of electricity to use just to see the time. That’s one of the other areas, a Sharp microwave excels in. Economical to use, as they don’t give you things that will tempt you to burn more power than you have to. Just plug and go when you need to.

    Final say

    For a stylish metallic silver kitchen appliance, that’s compact to suit even small kitchens, the Sharp R270SLM microwave is ideal. It lets you do all the basic functions you’d expect from a microwave, with the added advantage of the pre-programmed settings, and 8 auto cook menus to select from.

    For a Sharp microwave, using touch controls, it doesn’t get any simpler. Just select the setting you want from the programs, push the button and you’ll have your jacket potatoes cooked to a crispy finish, healthy vegetables just ready to serve, or even your frozen meals cooked thoroughly using the even heat distribution from the sturdy turntable of the Sharp R270SLM. A compact microwave, that’s both stylish and easy to use, and super efficient at cooking your foods thoroughly with its 800-watt power output.

  • Outside dimensions (mm): 452 (W) x 262 (H) x 370 (D)
  • Inside dimensions (mm): 311 (W) x 211 (H) x 287 (D)
  • Weight: 12 kg
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