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For a long time I had been missing out on good deals on eBay as sellers were not able to post and they were not local to me either. It's such a pain watching those items ending when I couldn't place bids on them.

But now I'm a happy chap with my latest discovery of a website called  Shiply, which is brilliant! If you are an eBay bargain hunter like myself, Shiply is made for you. The way Shiply works is to match you with delivery companies who are willing to pick up the eBay item and deliver to you for a fraction of the normal cost as they are heading in the same direction.

On my first request on Shiply, I got a vintage wardrobe delivered to my door in Surrey from Blackburn for a mere £30. A local man and van guy I called wanted to charge me? £200. That's a whopping £170 saving for me. 

Shiply is very simple to use, you just put what you want to get delivered, dimensions and weight, pickup and delivery locations and watch the delivery quotes roll in. Here's a quick Youtube video illustrating how their website works:

They even have an eBay tool to import relevant eBay listing information such as the seller's postcode directly into your delivery request, which is very handy as you don't need to message the seller asking where they live exactly. 

Shiply is very useful if you want to buy something bulky and heavy such as furniture, motorcycles, cars etc., items which most sellers aren't able to post. They also offer removal services which can come in handy, given how expensive moving cost is generally. 

You can visit Shiply via their eBay store over at:

I hope you find this guide useful, please spread the word.

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