Slay It On the Slopes With Curve-Loving Ski Wear

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Take on the slopes in style with curve-flattering ski essentials, guaranteed to keep you cosy and triumphantly chic from first lifts to après!

Whooshing through the crisp air on your skis, tucking into delicious mountain dishes at lunchtime, and enjoying a steaming hot chocolate by the open fire after a hard day of exercise—-snowy winter holidays rock!

And best of all, you get to snuggle up in cosy clothes all day long. But whether you're pulling on your helmet while trudging to the chairlift, or enjoying a mulled wine at an après-ski gathering, with all the fab new snow gear—-in sizes 18 and over—-there's no excuse not to look stylish on the slopes. Here's what to pack to wrap up warm and cope with the Alpine elements.

Technical Jackets

When you're on a ski holiday, you can forget that trendy wool jacket that keeps you warm at home. On the slopes, you need a heavy-duty yet slimline jacket that performs multiple magical duties. Good value skiwear brands, including UK success story Trespass and British slope favourites Dare2B, are good options if you're curvy, as they have all the high-tech craftsmanship you need in sizes up to 20.

Wool insulation, particularly alpaca wool, is essential for keeping you warm but also dry if you take a tumble. Underarm venting zips are key for regulating your temperature on super sunny days, and a water-repellent finish to the jacket is essential. Look out for jackets with plenty of pockets too: You’ll want to keep your ski pass, phone, sun cream, wallet, and sunglasses with you at all times.

Stylish Salopettes

Unlike all your other trousers, you're going to be wearing salopettes every day of your holiday, probably for several hours at a time. You need a pair that withstands rain, snow, and food spills as well as looking good, so where do you find an elusive pair like this? There are so many choices, but when picking your trusty pair of salopettes, make sure you don't choose a hugely baggy pair, as they could swamp your figure.

Instead, choose a fitted, high-waisted option, which not only showcases your curves in all the right places, but also protects delicate bottoms from freezing when falling deep into powdery snow. Skiwear brands Dare2b and White Rock offer a range of options, including size 18 and above, and come in all sorts of colours. Opt for trews with a stretchy, waterproof lining and elastic waist adjusters for ultimate comfort. Snow gaiters, which sit comfortably around the ankles, provide further support and warmth. Newer designs also often feature foam protection, which is essential for first-time skiers who are likely to take a few tumbles.

Mountain-Ready Mittens

Take it from all those women who've spent too many days with frozen fingers: Ski mittens beat gloves hands down as they keep fingers together, which means digits stay warmer, owing to their combined body heat. Look for breathable polyester with a textured palm and thumb for enhanced grip while you're holding your ski poles. A ribbed knit cuff is also great for keeping out chilly winds. If you need some extra hand-warming help, hand warmers are effective and easy to slot in.

Hero Helmets

While hats and headbands used to be de rigueur now, for good reason, safety is all the rage: Enter the trusty helmet. Forget feeling claustrophobic inside an astronaut-esque encasing—the modern helmet is comfortable and chic.

Choose one with thermal ventilation, which is essential for keeping you warm in the cold climate, but also keeping you cool when the sun is at its hottest. Flexcore technology is another buzzword to look out for, as this makes you safer should you take a tumble!

A furry lining keeps you feeling toasty no matter how blustery it gets outside, and if you're a confident skier, you can even opt for one with built-in speakers to get you dancing on those long chairlifts up the mountain.

Glare-Beating Goggles

Surely you can just buy any pair and you'll be fine, right? Not so! It's worth investing a bit of extra cash for decent protective goggles, as the last thing you want to do is risk harming your eyesight for the sake of saving a few pounds.

When choosing the best pair for your holiday, think about the lens colour. Darker lenses help on sunny days, while when it's foggy or snowing, lenses with an orange hue can help you pick out lines and undulations more easily. If you're feeling generous, splash out on both types, or ones that allow you to change lenses on the go. You'll thank yourself if a snowstorm heads your way.

Base and Mid-Layers

What's even more important than your waterproof jacket and salopettes? Your base layers. If you're worried about layering up too much or too little, carry a backpack to ferry your spare gear about. However, never go skiing without enough clothes on if you're not sure how the day's weather will pan out.

Start off with some fleecy thermal leggings and a thermal vest top, finishing off with a cotton polo neck, a thick fleece and a thin, breathable buff. Opt for form-fitting, stretchy options in a high-wicking fabric, which helps regulate your core temperature by keeping you cool when you're sweating and warm when you get cold.

Quick-drying garments are also essential and ideal for longer ski trips where you might need to wash them in your chalet or hotel room. It may feel like overkill, but as soon as you head up the mountain, you'll be thanking yourself you invested in all those snuggly layers.

Après-Ski Wear

Half of the joy of a winter holiday lies in the après-ski: The reward after a hard day's mountain adventure, enjoying a beer or mulled wine and dancing on tables to the latest tunes in buzzing mountainside bars and clubs.

For ladies who love the casual look, it's a dream come true. There's no need to wiggle around on uncomfortable heels, as most people go along in their ski boots and jackets. Just make sure you bring some suitably chic attire to pep up your look and make it Instagram-ready. A chunky knitted scarf and cute pom pom hat not only look great but also keep you warm as you travel from restaurant to bar.