Smartphone Cases: 9 Best Brands To Buy

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The streets aren’t safe, and you’re a crazy fool if you take your phone out there, naked and vulnerable to scratches and bumps. So we’ve collected the best smartphone cases on eBay...

From cases packing batteries which keep your phone alive longer, to ruggedised things that allow you to run over your phone with a steamroller then throw it in the river, these mobile bodyguards provide the close protection your blower needs.

We reckon there’s something to suit every taste and wallet here. And, in fact, some of them are wallets. Isn’t tech marvellous?

1. Native Union Clic

All of the cases here are practical, but none is quite as stylish as the Native Union Clic, a brand that takes Apple’s design ethos and runs with it to create a whole range of accessories for many of its products. This ‘clics’ into place to protect the edges and back of your iPhone 6+, with a black and real walnut finish that’s highly attractive. Consider a peel-off screen cover if you feel the front needs more protection.

2. Griffin Survivor Clear

Griffin is arguably the biggest fish in the phone case pond, and famous for the extreme toughness of its Griffin Survivor Clear. This transparent number is nearly invisible but also has scratch-resistant polycarbonate that's been ‘tested to Military Standard 810G 516.6’ or 'shock'.

For the unscientific amongst us, that means you can drop your phone from nearly six feet and expect it to remain intact, even if it lands on its edge. The anti-yellowing plastic should also stay clear for longer.

3. Belkin Slim-Fit Light Armband

Belkin make just about every type of tech accessory, and has a reputation for no-nonsense, solid kit. The Belkin Slim-Fit Light Armband is a classic armband case for runners. It’s tough, with a flouro strip for visibility, a pocket for your keys and small change, cable management for your headphone wires and the great feel of water-defeating neoprene against your skin. Colour options: black or pink.

4. Tech21 Evo Mesh

Like a high-tech string vest for your mobile, the Tech21 Evo Mesh case is extremely lightweight and partly see-through, so you can still see the beautiful handset you bought. It’s cut so you can reach all the control buttons and inputs, too. Tech21’s FlexShock hybrid material ‘absorbs, dissipates and repels impact’, so it’s fair to say it provides more protection than a string vest.

5. XQISIT Eman Luxury Fine Leather Wallet Case

Reduce the number of things you have to carry with you by opting for a combined wallet and iPhone case. The XQUIST Eman also allows you to leave at home whatever you use to prop up your iPhone, because it folds over to become a stand. A detachable, polycarbonate plate means it protects against impacts as well as scratches, and although it can hold a wad of tenners, it’ll cost you less than one.

6. Spigen Slim Fit Dual Layer Card Slot Wallet

In a stylish gunmetal finish, the Spigen Slim offers vital protection for your S7 Edge or iPhone 7 but also has a sliding drawer for up to two bank cards. A winning combo of soft padding and hard polycarbonate means double the protection from drops, which is the reassurance you need when you’re packing a phone as classy and expensive as these Samsung or Apple devices.

7. Energizer AP1201

If the battery on your iPhone 4 or 4S is starting to wheeze, Energizer could give it a new lease of life. Made of black silicone, the Energizer AP1201 provides about a day’s worth of extra use and can be recharged up to 500 times. Charge level is indicated by LEDs on the back, and you can choose to either quick charge the iPhone itself or do a more leisurely juicing of both the phone and the case.

8. Zagg Bluetooth Speaker Battery Case

Not content with adding an 1,800mAh battery to its shiny steel chassis, this Zagg case has also packed in a detachable Bluetooth speaker, mute button and microphone (so you can use it for hands-free calls). That means you can charge your phone for an extra six hours, or boost its sound, or a bit of both. Just don’t be that person on the train playing music or shouting back to the office: Everybody will hate you – and rightly so.

9. Case It Durable Protective Folio Case

Case It keeps things simple with this ‘executive style' folio case. The outer material is a kind of toughened leatherette with ‘a subtle texture that will show off your individuality and style’. You want more? Okay, the interior swaddles your S7 in soft faux-suede, and there are cutaways to allow access to all the essential buttons. Complicated this thing is not, but Case It knows their onions when it comes to unshowy, durable smartphone holsters.