Steel gramophone needles supplied by Soundgen

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The needles we supply are suitable for all wind up gramophones . ( SUBJECT TO ADVICE BELOW ) Gramophone needles we supply are made in the UK from high quality steel, they are one play needles, that is they should be used once only, this has always been so ever since steel needles have been manufactured. Persistent reuse will result in severe damage to the record and render it unplayable.

The needles are available in four tones LOUD, MEDIUM, SOFT and EXTRA SOFT TONE basically the thicker the needle the louder the sound it produces.

For playing 1950s records which are very loud we recommend EXTRA SOFT , For pre 1950 records MEDIUM or SOFT , Acoustic pre 1915 records MEDIUM , very quiet records such as spoken word and some early acoustic records LOUD .

If you play records outside you also need louder needles than when playing indoors

Occasionaly a soundbox will have a needle hole which is too small to take Loud tone needles or the needles screw is too short to tighten up on an Extra Soft tone needle , if you find this is happening return the needles for a full refund or free replacement of another tone

It should be noted that the record wears the steel needle , If you look at the needle tip when you have played a record you will see this wear .  The worn off steel is in the record groove ! Records should be regularly cleaned with a record cleaning brush to remove this steel swarf . Heavily soild records can be cleaned with lukewarm soapy water  , taking care not to get water on the label as the ink runs !

Badly worn records can be rendered playable by cleaning as above and applying furniture polis such as Pledge or Mr Sheen  or even I am told WD40 these applications don't seem to harm the record but greatly improve the playing quality 

 It's not a good idea to use  needles from an old open tin of needles unless you can guarantee they haven't been used , you can do this by looking at the points using a magnifying glass

Information supplied without guarantee or warranty     .


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