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Right i know theres alot of people out there looking for the miricle of instant muscles!

and this is where the problem lies,

there are lots of things on e bay(and the net)

that claim to be the "real thing" but trust me they are far from it!

So if you see any on e bay they are NOT STEROIDS,they may contain plant steroids which are totaly legit to sell or some other type of product containing a form of homone but they are not a steroid.

some people evern try to "miss Spell" their item so as at first glance you dont notice and you end up asuming what it is,soo to sum up there are no steroids for sale on e bay so save your money.

But there are places you can get help with information on steroid use and how to spot fakes ect,

and for those of you who are looking for a safe reliable source then ether myself or one of my mod's will be happy to help via PM's on the site.(you must of made a min 10 posts before we will put you in touch with anyone and we will also explane secure mail severs which is needed for you to contact the sources)

it is UK- which will be online friday 25th july,so keep the site address handy and keep checking in for the newest and best steriod/bodybuilding site from the uk.

If you would like an e mail sent to you for when it opens then please just e mail asking for "the sites open" to via ebay and be one of the first to join the brand new site

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