Swing and Slide Set Buying Guide

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Swing and Slide Set Buying Guide

Swings and slides are great fun for children because it allows them to scramble up, zoom down the slippery slide, swing high into the air, and more. Swing and slide sets provide children with hours of entertainment outside the house while also giving them a way to stay active and get plenty of exercise. Parents should not neglect their children's interest and safety features when shopping.


Swing and Slide Set Features

Shopping for a kid's slide and swing set requires taking into account various other features that may come along. Besides just having a slide and swing, a swing and slide set, for instance, might be built to include a fort, a climbing wall, rope swings, monkey bars, and more. Parents should talk to their children to find out what play features interest them the most and take into account budget. The more the features, the more expensive a set becomes.


Safety Features

Anytime children climb on tall structures, there is a risk for injuries. Quality swing and slide sets come with as many safety features as possible to help keep kids safe. Examine the set for safety bars that prevent kids from jumping off platforms, safety grips on railings are helpful, and guards on the swings help stop children from falling or jumping off when in motion.


Swing Set Materials

Wooden play centres are aesthetically pleasing and blend into the backyard well. Unfortunately, wood does have a tendency to splinter. The sets are also generally affordable, but over time, the wood can fade, warp, and rot due to exposure to the elements. Vinyl ones are simply coated wood. The vinyl continues to look great for many years and protects the wood from exposure. However, they can be costly. Metal play sets are the most durable and rarely have weight limits. This means that parents can join in on the fun whenever they want. Metal also lasts for years and does not splinter. Unfortunately, since metal is a hard material, the risk for injuries is a bit higher.


Expandable Swing Sets

As children grow, they tend to want more advanced things to play on. Look for expandable swing sets that allow for changeable or more parts. For example, an expandable outdoor play centre might feature baby seats that parents can switch out to regular swing seats as baby grows older.