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We all love Timberland boots and shoes: style, quality, price.

When you buy Timbs on eBay, especially those PRE-OWNED, it saves heartache to be sure of  the size you are bidding on .

When a seller  quotes the size that is INSIDE the boot or shoe because there is no box  available anymore , they can  completely innocently be giving the USA SIZE  - if they don't realise .

Always check where the size has come from they are quoting so both of you  can complete a good transaction

Timberlands ONLY carry their USA size inside the shoes  - wherever they're sold in the world. ONLY THE ORIGINAL BOX GIVES OTHER COUNTRIES SIZES, INCLUDING THE UK

For example, I take a UK 8.5 which is a USA 9 marked inside the boot.
 A UK 8 is a USA 8.5  a UK 9 is a US 9.5 marked inside the footwear and so on.

Basically, if the seller is taking the  size is being taken from inside the boots/shoes ,  the UK SIZE WILL ALWAYS BE A HALF SIZE SMALLER THAN THAT QUOTED.

If there'a box, or  if the seller knows there's a difference in the sizing , then there's no problem.

Good hunting.