The Complete Doorbell Buying Guide

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The Complete Doorbell Buying Guide

The home doorbell effectively meets the needs of people the world over. From subtle and understated models to ostentatious displays, this front door accessory can add a note of elegant charm or represent shrill disruption. Buyers can choose between a mechanical, electronic, or wireless door-bell that best reflects their own sensibilities along with the design of their home. By shopping on eBay, they discover a wider assortment for less, that possibly opens up buying options hitherto not considered.


Doorbell Types

Unlike a door knocker, a door bell sounds from inside the dwelling. Buyers have a vast choice, with everything from a traditional door bell activated mechanically, to ultra-simple wireless models. Antique, Victorian, and vintage doorbells accentuate the charm of period homes, offering warmth rarely experienced electronically. However, many vintage door bells come wired also.


Wireless Door Bells

Wireless door bells offer the greatest convenience, as they allow users to place an unattached receiver anywhere in their home. Some also facilitate several receivers for use in different rooms if necessary. All signals transmit to the receiver by radio wave. Available as plug-in or battery powered, wireless doorbells vary in their operable distance, but most function effectively within a 46 metre range. As they require minimal installation, they make the best option for those not intending to make structural changes to their home's front entry.


Wired Door Bells

Wired door bells feature wire-connected circuitry between the external bell button, transmitter, and transformer. The bell activates a switch inside the unit's transmitter, usually mounted inside the door or nearby wall. A connected transformer converts the original voltage to a lower level for safety and component longevity purposes. Wired door bells require minimal maintenance and offer a reliable and consistent signal. Sound quality is generally superior to wireless models due to purpose dedicated wiring free of interference.


Traditional Door Bells

Traditional door bells rely on a mechanical action rather than electric circuitry. Available in plain or decorative design, they offer a great way to beautify a front door inside and out, and commonly attach rich appeal to the senses. Traditional door bells of antique value or from the Victorian era accomplish this well and do present the perfect choice for those in many period homes. As a point of difference, contemporary mechanical door bells typically exemplify simplicity in design and function, making them suitable for a broad range of homes.


Sound Affects

As the doorbell ring, buzz, or chime makes itself heard so frequently, buyers should ensure they choose an appealing one. Sound diversity is an undeniable advantage of modern electrical door bells. By choosing a door bell kit, buyers can customise their sound with many options, including the ability to load sound files from a computer hard drive.

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