The Definitive Guide to Buying Wheel Nuts for Your Car on eBay

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The Definitive Guide to Buying Wheel Nuts for Your Car on eBay

Wheel nuts, also known as lug nuts, are small components of all cars, but their small size does not change the fact that they have a very important role. The purpose of wheel nuts is to ensure that the wheels of a car stay firmly attached at all times. If the correct wheel nuts are not used, they may not be able to lock into place properly, thus elevating the risk of them being broken or loosened while driving. This may in turn cause the wheels of the car to wobble or fall off, which could cause an accident and result in serious harm.

In order to select the correct wheel nuts for a car, buyers must consider the three key components that make up a complete wheel nut fitting. Two of these factors include the thread pitch and the size of the studs that the wheel nuts attach to on the car. The studs refer to the threaded bolts that jut out through the holes in the rims; most cars generally have four or five studs for each wheel, but some of the bigger models, such as CRVs and SUVs, may have up to eight studs each. The third factor is the seat type, which refers to the area where the wheel nuts come into contact with the wheel's surface. Buyers need to familiarize themselves with each component before making a purchase.

Wheel Nut Thread Size and Pitch

It is simple to identify the different thread sizes and pitch available for wheel nuts. A thread pitch gauge is the best tool for this process and can be found at any local hardware store. Another simple method is taking a lug nut to a hardware store and having them screw it unto the bolts they have available.

The thread size can be determined by the measurement across the outer diameter of the wheel stud. This measurement is normally represented in metric. Commonly, wheel studs are found in the following sizes: 10, 12, and 14 millimetres. By using an online guide or vehicle owner's manual, you may also be able to find the factory size more suitable for your needs.

Size and Pitch Chart

The pitch is measured by the distance between threads or the measurement of threads per inch for non-metric stud sizes. Below is a chart showing some of the popular car brands and models, as well as their respective thread size and pitch.

Make and Model


Thread Size and Pitch

Acura: RL

2005 - present

14 x 1.5

Acura: Other Models

1986 - present

12 x 1.5

Buick: Riviera

1979 - present

12 x 1.5

Cadillac: Seville

1980 - present

12 x 1.5

Dodge: Stratus

1995 - present

12 x 1.5

Ford: Taurus

1986 - present

12 x 1.5

Honda: All Models

1983 - present

12 x 1.5

Nissan or Datsun: All Models

1968 - present

12 x 1.25

Mitsubishi: All Models

1983 - present

12 x 1.5

Subaru: All Models

1977 - present

12 x 1.5

Toyota: All Models

1968 - present

12 x 1.5

Size and pitch measurements are in millimetres. The unit represents thread size by pitch size; therefore, Acura RL cars from 2005 to present have wheel nuts with 14 mm thread sizes and 1.5 mm pitch sizes, for example.

Wheel Nut Types

Wheel nuts, or lug nuts, are parts used to secure the wheel of a car in place. They are available in a wide assortment of sizes and styles. The most common styles are the tapered lug nut, ball seat lug nut, and mag and screw-in lug nuts. Domestic vehicles use tapered lug nuts while foreign models use ball seat lug nuts.

Tapered Lug Nut

Tapered lug nuts are the most common types of wheel nuts. They are also known as bulge or acorn lug nuts because of the bulge at the rim. Tapered nuts are available in multiple diameters and thread patterns in order to ensure a secure fit. A wide variety of domestic model cars and trucks use this specific type of wheel nut.

Rims that are centred on its axle by way of a hole in the rim and hub-centric rims all use the tapered lug nut. Factory-installed wheels normally have tapered wheels nuts that are capped with chrome. These nuts require care while installing or removing. Lug nuts that are chromed but not capped can be found at most auto parts dealer or retailer outlets.

Mag and Screw-In Lug Nuts

Mag nuts are defined by their screw appearance. These types of lug nuts are usually found on German-made vehicles like Mercedes and Volkswagen. The mag or screw-in style lug is often paired with a bolt. The bolt screws onto the rim and fits securely into the female connection on the hub. It is then capped using a tapered or conical head that resembles other styles.

Mag nuts differ from other variations since they penetrate the rim and do not press against it. These lugs are commonly characterized by their long sleeves, which are inserted into the holes drilled into the rim. They are often used when other lugs are too small for some rim models.

Wheel Nut Seat Type

In all cars, there is a lug nut that makes actual contact with the wheel surface. This area is categorized as the seat type. Ball seats, mag seats, and acorn or tapered seats are all common types. A mag seat is normally built with an individual seating washer and a flat surface. Each lug nut can be identified by several physical characteristics.

Ball Seat Lug Nuts

Imported cars commonly have ball seat lug nuts installed. They secure the wheel of the car and are characterised by the rounded shape near the rim. For rims with or without hubcaps, mag seat wheel nuts are also available in both closed-ended and open ended variations. Aftermarket dealers offer mag seat lugs in a wide range of colours and finishes for buyers who want to complement their rims or vehicle. The ball seat lug nut is not as common as other styles of wheel nuts, but it is a great contemporary accent for foreign cars.

Mag Seat

Cone shaped lug nuts are matched with the mag seat style. Along with its coned tip, it also includes a straight shank that extends to the bottom of the nut. Mag nuts often require a washer in order for it them to be properly secured to its place on a wheel. The lug nut's shank normally measures 6.35 millimetres long and is commonly needed to help align the centre of the wheel unto the wheel studs.

Acorn or Tapered Seat

Acorn seat lugs, also known as tapered lug nuts, are defined by a 60 to 90 degree taper on the bottom of the nut. Acorn style nuts need to be properly fitted in order to work correctly. In order to seat them properly, the angle located at the bottom of the lug nut should always match the angle of the hole that is going to be drilled into the wheel. These types of lug nuts are stock fixtures on some Japanese- and American-made vehicles. In fact, acorn seat styles are required for most aftermarket wheels.

How to Buy Wheel Nuts for Your Car on eBay

Performing a search on eBay provides you with a vast collection and numerous options of wheel nuts for your car. Details, such as size and type, can be inserted into eBay's extended search options in order to only show lug nuts that match your query. For example, a quick search on "Subaru wheel nuts" may show all products with that specific keyword. An even more detailed search term may also help to filter through all the products you do not need.

If you are not sure the type or size lug nut needed, a general search from the eBay home page for "wheel nuts" can still show all applicable products. This method is especially useful for most people since it allows them to view everything that falls under that general term and then hone in on what they need as they become more familiar with the lug nut they want to purchase. Moreover, eBay's filter options also allow you to choose the price range, brand, model, make, and shipping distance for any item. Once all searches and selections have been made, you can confirm the seller's reputation through reviews and seller ratings. You can also contact the seller for any additional details and eventually make your payment.


For people who are unsure of what choices to make before purchasing a wheel lug, the first step is to seek out helpful information. By being able to identify the size, pitch, and seat style, buyers are better able to find the correct wheel nut for their car. With this type of information, it is simpler for internet shoppers since they are unable to personally inspect the product before it is paid for and delivered. In this case buyers are better guaranteed a usable product by first knowing the specifics of the wheel nut they need.

After deciding the size and type of wheel nut needed, buyers should ensure the seller is reputable and trustworthy. There is a large list of eBay features that help determine this very important factor. After independently researching, buyers are more equipped to pick the one they need and use the search filters to their advantage.

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