The Kings KUBB Game

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THE KINGS GAME ® consists of the following solid wooden pieces:
6 throwing batons, 4 corner markers, 10 Kings guards, and the King piece

The game in brief.

The players are divided into 2 teams and stand at either end of the playing area or castle arena, behind their own baseline. Each team will take it in turns to throw the 6 batons, and attempt to knock down all their opponents baseline guards at the opposite end. Only when all these have been knocked down, at the end of the game, can an attempt be made to knock down the King. When the King is knocked down the game is won.
How to play.
Set out all the pieces within the castle arena in accordance with the rules and diagram. Divide the players into 2 teams. Team A divides the 6 batons between themselves, then from their own baseline each player tries to knock down their opponent's baseline rear guards with their throw, without hitting the King. If the King is knocked down by mistake before you have knocked down all your opponents guards, you have lost the Game!

When Team A have thrown all 6 batons it is Team B's turn. First, Team B pick up any of their baseline rear guards knocked down by Team A, and from their home baseline, throw them into their opponent's side of the castle arena. (Tip: Throw them as close as you can to each other so that it might be possible to knock down several with one throw.) Team A then stands these guards up exactly where they have landed. Now that these rear guards have "joined the game" they are known as field guards.

If when throwing the guards back into your opponent's side they land outside the castle arena, or not past the center line, then you are allowed one re throw. If you miss again then your opponent's team can place the piece wherever they like. (Tip: the best and most difficult position would be just behind the King, but has to be at least one baton length away.) Now Team B share the 6 batons within their team and throw them from their home baseline. First however they have to knock down the field guards that they have thrown back into their opponent's side. All these field guards have to be knocked down before an attempt is made on the baseline rear guards. (If, by mistake, one of these baseline rear guards is knocked down prematurely then your opponent can stand it up again and the throw does not count.) If at the end of their 6 throws, Team B has missed one or more of the field guards then they face a penalty. Team A may on their next 6 baton throws, walk up to an imaginary line level with the field guard closest to the center line on their side of the castle arena and make their throw from there, instead of their baseline.

Remember; only the overturned guards are thrown back over to your opponent's side. All the other guards must remain where they stand until the next round.

The more of your opponent's guards that you knock down, the more will have to be thrown back into your side of the castle arena for your opponent's to have to knock down. 


The Rules

 1.  All knocked down guards are thrown from your own home baseline.
2  When you are in the position that you can try an attempt to knock down the King,    you must be standing at your own baseline, not a forward penalty position.
3. If a knocked down guard "bounces' back into a standing position it will be treated as not hit.
4. If you knock down a baseline rear guard before having knocked down all the arena field guards, then it will be stood up again and the throw will not count.
5.  All throws must take place within the playing field at the baselines, except on a penalty throw.
 6.  All throws must be done underarm and forward, and the batons held at one end.
7. If you hit the King before all the guards have been knocked down, the Team is disqualified and the game lost.


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