The Ultimate Guide to Buying Microfibre Bedding

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Microfibre Bedding

With its ultra soft texture and super thin weave, microfibre fabric is a breathable yet durable bedding option for the home. The innovative composition of microfibre allows this synthetic material to superbly mimic the feel of cotton, down, and other natural fibres and fills. Buyers looking to enjoy the many benefits of microfibre bedding have plenty of choices to consider. Microfibre duvets, pillows, and linens are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles. By matching microfibre bedding to their home's decor, shoppers can craft a comfortable and fashionable sleep experience. This guide offers a glimpse into the luxurious world of microfibre bedding while offering helpful suggestions to aid in the buying process.

By exploring the many available microfibre options, buyers can find the perfect bedding for their home. Microfibre bedding can be purchased in various department stores and high-street shops, especially those specialising in goods for the home. Microfibre essentials for the bedroom are also sold by Internet retailers and online auction sites like eBay.

The Benefits of Microfibre Bedding

Buyers appreciate the varied benefits of microfibre, a synthetic filament made of petroleum-based polymers such as polyester and nylon. The texture of microfibre fabric often reminds people of Egyptian cotton sheets and other posh bedding options. As the name suggests, microfibres are incredibly thin, producing tightly woven fabrics that are luxuriously soft and incredibly strong. This close knit weave also enables microfibre to block dust mites while preventing allergens from collecting, which is a real boon to those with certain environmental sensitivities. Because it wicks away moisture and perspiration for a drier night's sleep, breathability is another key benefit of microfibre. Additionally, hypoallergenic microfibre fills are a popular choice for inexpensive, high-quality duvets, pillows, and mattress pads to keep people comfy and warm. With the ability to offer strength and softness while feeling light as air, microfibre is a sumptuous yet budget-friendly choice in bedding.

Classifying Microfibre

A denier is a unit of measurement that identifies textile thread thickness and weight. In order to be classified as a microfibre, synthetic thread must weigh in at less than one denier. To get a sense of the fineness of microfibre, human hair is 20 denier, while some microfibres measure as low as 0.9 denier. Microfibres are much thinner than natural fibres like silk and cotton, allowing manufacturers to weave strong synthetic fabrics that feel quite similar to more traditional bedding options.

How to Shop for Microfibre Bedding

Today's microfibre bedding options vary greatly in functionality, appearance, and affordability. After evaluating his or her present needs, a buyer's next step is deciding which type of bedding to purchase. By checking mattress size in advance, people may find it easier to locate bedding that fits perfectly.

Microfibre Bedding Options

With an extensive variety of colours, prints, and patterns on the market, buyers have plenty of microfibre bedding options to consider. When selecting bedding for the home, it helps to look for microfibre duvet covers and linens that match the existing decor. When a bedroom makeover is the goal, homeowners might combine a fresh coat of paint and new bedroom accents with a complete set of microfibre bedding in a bold colour or eye-patching pattern. The following descriptions outline the various types of microfibre bedding available to consumers.

Microfibre Bed Linens

When stocking up on microfibre bedding basics, most shoppers start with pillowcases, fitted sheets, and flat sheets that surround the sleeper in supremely soft comfort. Traditionally sold in matching sets according to mattress size, microfibre linens are also available as separates. There is no hard-and-fast rule dictating that bed sheets must match exactly, so some buyers let their creativity run wild when selecting microfibre bed linens. Pairing microfibre top sheets, bottom sheets, and pillowcases in complementary colours or prints adds a little extra pizzazz between the sheets.

Bedding Containing Microfibre Fill

Similar to down bedding, pillows, blankets, and mattress covers filled with microfibre materials offer plush softness and lightweight insulation. Microfibre quilts and microfibre duvets keep people toasty warm during cold winter months without sacrificing breathability. Microfibre pillows are the perfect alternative for people who are allergic to the feathers used to fill down pillows, and unlike down, microfibre bedding holds its shape well, even after repeated washings. As an additional layer between the sheets and the mattress, microfibre mattress pads provide extra protection and a tad more comfort.

Microfibre Bedding Sets

Matching microfibre bed-in-a-bag sets solve the problem of finding completely new bedding for a particular room. Decorating is a breeze with fashionable coordinated sets, and buyers who purchase microfibre bedding in a bundle tend to save time and money. An eight-piece microfibre bedding set typically includes all of the following items:

  • fitted sheet
  • flat sheet
  • comforter
  • duvet cover
  • two pillowcases
  • two pillow shams

Some bedding sets also include a microfibre bed skirt and additional accent cushions in various sizes.

Choosing Microfibre Bedding in the Correct Size

To quickly find sheets that fit, buyers must be aware of their mattress size. For easy reference, the following chart lists the approximate dimensions of common UK bed sizes in centimetres and inches.

Mattress Type

Dimensions (in centimetres)

Dimensions (in inches)

Small Single

Width 75 x Length 190

Width 30 x Length 75


Width 90 x Length 190

Width 36 x Length 75

Small Double

Width 120 x Length 190

Width 47 x Length 75


Width 135 x Length 190

Width 53 x Length 75


Width 150 x Length 200

Width 59 x Length 79

Super King

Width 180 x Length 200

Width 71 x Length 79

To aid buyers purchasing microfibre bedding sized according to international standards, the previous chart converts UK mattress sizes into imperial measurements. To avoid selecting sheets that do not fit properly, always compare the mattress measurements with bedding manufacturers' size specifications.

Caring for Microfibre Bedding

With proper care, microfibre bedding promises comfort, durability, and longevity. For optimum results, microfibre should always be laundered according to the manufacturer's care instructions. If none are available, then it is best to stick with the following general care guidelines.

Microfibre Laundering Tips

Microfibre sheets launder easily, providing a wrinkle-free appearance without ironing. Always wash microfibre linens in cold water to prevent shrinkage and pilling. Gentle washer and dryer cycles help keep microfibre fabrics looking and feeling like new. To better preserve the texture of microfibre, separate pillowcases and sheets from the rest of the laundry before washing. Microfibre quilts and duvets are sometimes too big to wash and dry safely at home. Instead, owners may opt to use a heavy-duty commercial washer at a local laundry or have the blanket professionally dry cleaned.

How to Buy Microfibre Bedding on eBay

Before buying microfibre bedding on eBay, take a moment to consider your needs and preferences. To find exactly what you want, first you need to know which type of microfibre bedding to search for. For decorative inspiration, try browsing numerous listings for microfibre bedding. Begin by typing two or three relevant words, such as "microfibre sheets set", into the search box found on any eBay page. If you are bogged down by too many results, you can further refine your search according to price, condition, and many other characteristics. When you have a particular kind of bedding in mind, search for specific keywords like "blue microfibre duvet cover" or "king microfibre fitted sheet". This approach narrows down the search results to only those listings that suit your needs. Once you find microfibre bedding you are interested in purchasing, don't forget to research the seller thoroughly.

How to Learn More About a Seller

By getting to know your seller, you can feel confident about the purchases you make on eBay. The icons next to a seller's name quickly tell you about his or her past performance. For instance, a top-rated badge lets you know the seller received high marks from many customers. Top-rated sellers must meet stringent requirements to qualify for this status. For more in-depth information, check out the seller's Feedback page where you can see detailed seller ratings and written customer reviews.


Microfibre bedding offers buyers a unique, affordable option for outfitting a blissful bedroom oasis. The many benefits of microfibre include a smooth, satiny texture and the ability to wick away moisture, all thanks to the unique properties of this ultra thin synthetic thread. To fashion a bed fit for a king, shoppers look for luxuriously soft microfibre linens, ultra plush microfibre duvets, and fantastically fluffy microfibre pillows. Microfibre bedding sets make it easy to reinvent bedroom decor without going over budget on decorating projects. By matching pillow shams, bed skirts, and duvet covers to the room, microfibre bedding pulls various design elements together into a unified, stylish look.

In order to find microfibre bedding that fits their mattress, shoppers must pay close attention to product size specifications. For this reason, determining mattress size is an important step in the buying process. After that, the choice between various colours and textures is largely a matter of personal taste. With proper care, microfibre is capable of withstanding years of wear and tear while still looking and feeling great. To peruse a large selection of high-quality microfibre bedding in a wide array of colours and styles, buyers can visit the eBay Shops and auction listings.

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