Tips on How To Bid To Win for New eBay Users!

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Tips on How To Bid To Win for New eBay Users!

Soooo many people miss out on the item they want by a few pounds or even pence!! Follow this guide to help you get the items you want each time everytime! (up to your max bid)

Firstly you will need to do a little bit of research - what is the going price for the item you want? Do you know? How can you find out? You can look at a whole page of auctions all starting at 99p bit this doesnt tell you what they are selling for unless you watch them all until they finish. There is a better way...
  • Open the main page and click on Advanced Search
  • Enter what you want to find in the search box and then tick Completed Items

  • Click Search
This will show you all the recent finished items and let you know what they are roughly selling for!

Now you have options with the item you are after:
  1. Enter your highest bid straight away (now you know what they are roughly selling for)
  2. Wait and bid in the last few minutes (risky if you wait too late and get outbid)
  3. Use an Auction stealer program to put your bid in last minute for you automatically
Dont just watch the item - chances are you will be away from your pc and miss out altogether.... Watching should only be used short term!

Bidding Straight away

Sometimes the simplest way - just bid the top amount you are happy to pay and then forget about it.  eBay will bid for you in steps up to your maximum. For example of you bid on a 99p auction and your maximum bid is £10 if no one else bids you will get it for 99p. If someone bids £5 on the same auction ebay will automatically put you a bid in at £6 so you are still in the lead. It will do this upto your max bid.

Waiting to bid in the last few seconds

This is a risky tactic and if you get outbid you wont have any time to bid again as the auction will have ended. I have done this myself and it rarely pays off.

Use and Auction Stealer program

If you do want to bid in the last seconds this is the way to do it! Register on a free Auction Stealer site like: it will put your bid in for you up to 4 seconds before the auction ends. Obviously if your bid is below the previous bidder maximum you wont win as they have already bid higher than you.

Hopefully this will help you new users! Please VOTE YES for this guide below.

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