Tips on creating childrens party bags

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How to buy items for childrens party bagss

After years of holding large parties for my daughters birthday I have become quite an expert at putting together party bags for her friends.  This is actually my favourite part of the party planning process, and strangely it is the part that most mums I know dislike the most.  You do not have to spend a lot to make really impressive looking party bags, but you do need a bit fo time. The ones in the picture are the cheapest and easiest and go down really well with kids. The cellophane bags are very cheap to buy in large quantities and all you need is some gift wrapping ribbon to tie around the  top of the bag to make it look really pretty (maybe pink for girls and blue for boys). Sticky labels can be added to if you like, perhasp with a 'thank you for coming to my party' message or the name of the recipient.  In terms of filling the bag, sweeties are the cheapest option and you can easily fill a cellophone bag with just those, they are colourful and look appealing but if you want to add other items this is where you can go as expensive as you like/want.  Rubbers (erasers) stickers, jewellery or hair clips for girls can all be found in large quantities very cheaply, as well as stationery. Boys like toys cars, stickers, whistles and stretchy men and again if you spend some time searching these can also be found cheaply.  Bubbles are also poular with both genders. You have to invest a bit of time to get the right price - prices can vary tremendously but if you haev the time you can create lovely looking bags for a steal. This review has been posted as part of a promotion for ebay guides via Bzzagent.
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