Top 10 Best Space Heaters

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Space heaters provide heat for small spaces. Types of space heaters include electric, gas, oil, fan, and halogen heaters. The different types offer portable, wall-mounted, and free-standing solutions with various heat settings and safety features. eBay and home goods stores offer quality space heaters that safely and effectively heat small spaces. Some of the top space heaters on the market include Bionaire BCH160, DeLonghi DCH4590ER, Honeywell HZ-500E, and Prem-I-Air 800W Floor Standing Halogen, as well as other models by these same manufacturers. eBay also offers daily deals on home goods, and those deals sometimes include space heaters. Buyers should compare the top space heaters according to type, features, heat output, and portability.
1 Bionaire BCH160
Bionaire BCH160

The Bionaire BCH160 1800W electric ceramic heater offers an integrated carry handle to easily carry the compact, portable space heater. It effectively heats a small room using manual thermostat controls, two heat settings, and Frost Guard protection. Additional features include overheat protection, cool blow option, and power on indicator.


2 Bionaire BFH265
Bionaire BFH265

The Bionaire BFH265 2000W portable electric heater electronically inputs the desired room temperature with the touch of a button. With a choice of five preset temperature settings and two heat settings, the space heater easily heats small and medium-sized rooms. Additional features include integrated carry handle, oscillating heat output, power on indicator, and drip proof IP21 protection.


3 Bionaire BFH912
Bionaire BFH912

The Bionaire BFH912 2200W portable electric fan heater offers an electronic, adjustable thermostat and LCD digital display to programme the desired temperature and heat settings for small to medium-sized rooms. A cool setting allows for uninterrupted use in the summer. Additional features include Frost Guard, timer, power on indicator, carry handle for easy portability, and IP21 and overheat protection.


4 DeLonghi DCH4590ER
DeLonghi DCH4590ER

The DeLonghi DCH4590ER 1800W free-standing ceramic heater offers a portable space heater with a remote control, oscillating base for maximum heat distribution, adjustable thermostat, digital display, and 24-hour timer. Additional features include anti-frost setting, cool blow setting for summer use, anti-tilt setting, power on indicator, and anti-dust filter.


5 DeLonghi HVF3552TB

The DeLonghi HVF3552TB 2400W free-standing fan heater offers three heat settings, 24-hour programmable timer, oscillating heat output for small to medium-sized rooms, silencing feature, anti-frost setting, drip proof IP21 protection, and foot switch for easy on and off operation. The anti-tilt safety switch allows the heater to remain in an upright position at all times.


6 Honeywell HZ-500E
Honeywell HZ-500E

The Honeywell HZ-500E free-standing or wall-mounted fan heater offers an adjustable thermostat with three heat settings to provide the user with optimal temperature control. The compact heater stores easily in small spaces and includes a frost watch function, whisper quiet setting, and overheat automatic shut-off.


7 Honeywell HZ-385E
Honeywell HZ-385E

The Honeywell HZ-385E 2000W ceramic tower fan heater offers two heat settings, four automatic shut-off timer settings, energy saver setting, preset temperature automatic shut-off settings, digital display, oscillating fan, and variable thermostat. Safety features include Safety Sentinel Technology automatic shut-off and SafeGuard Alert.


8 Prem-I-Air EH0150
Prem-I-Air EH0150

The Prem-I-Air EH0150 1800W free-standing ceramic heater offers two heat settings, a fan setting, rotary controls, power on indicator, and adjustable thermostat for quick, even heat distribution. Safety features include a carry handle, tip over automatic shut-off, and overheat automatic shut-off.


9 Prem-I-Air 800W Floor Standing Halogen

The Prem-I-Air 800W floor standing halogen heater provides two heat settings and a carry handle for easy portability. The compact, white, energy efficient halogen heater offers radiant technology that provides compact heat distribution. Safety features include a tip over automatic shut-off and a safety grille.


10 Prem-I-Air EH0240
Prem-I-Air EH0240

The Prem-I-Air EH0240 2000W silver ceramic tower heater offers two heat settings, a fan setting, LCD digital display, timer, power on indicator, and integrated carry handle for easy storage and portability. The remote-controlled oscillating fan and adjustable thermostat provide even heat distribution. Safety features include a tip over automatic shut-off and an overheat automatic shut-off.


How to Buy Space Heaters on eBay

There are many more brands, such as Dyson, to choose space heaters from, it is all about finding the right one for you. Buyers search for the top space heaters along with many other models on eBay by finding the search bar on any page. They can then enter descriptive keywords like 'Bionaire space heater' into the search bar, or they can take time to browse the categories. The item descriptions for the different brands of space heaters include details about functions, safety features, heat output, and portability. eBay offers affordable solutions for residential and commercial space heaters for small areas. The choices typically include electric, gas, oil, fan, and halogen heaters designed to safely and effectively heat enclosed spaces in cool weather.