Top 3 Oak Bed Types

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Top 3 Oak Bed Types

Oak furniture is durable, beautiful, and resistant to damage,  making it one of the best materials for wooden bed frames. Oak beds come in plain wood, various shades of stain, and painted in different colours. Learning about the top three types of oak beds can help you choose which one you want before you go shopping.


Platform Oak Bed

Available as small single or double beds, platform oak beds feature a headboard with four legs and no footboard. Platform beds are low lying, do not attract a great deal of attention, and are great for smaller rooms, because they do not overwhelm the space. Platform beds come in a couple of varieties and might have ornate headboards and drawers built in under the bed.


Four-Poster Oak Bed

Four-poster beds are another popular type of oak bed. Oak four-poster beds are elevated off the floor and feature posts on each corner of the bed. These posts are mostly decorative, but also useful for hanging curtains. Four-poster beds come in plain and ornate styles, and are suitable for homes with a traditional decor. A similar style is the canopy bed or tester bed, which features cross beams between the posts. As the name suggests, canopy beds are ideal for hanging a canopy for decoration, or to keep the light out. Four-poster beds are usually quite high, so it is important to measure the height of your bedroom before buying such bed to ensure it fits the space.


Low-Post Oak Bed

Low-post or low-poster beds are the most common type of oak bed because they offer some of the ornate style of the four-poster, with the spaciousness and practicality of the platform bed. Low-post beds feature a headboard and a footboard, which is level with or lower than the headboard. The style is a French bed if it features a full footboard rather than poles at the end of the bed. The result is a slightly boxed-in bed that still allows you to easily see out and around while in it. Low-post beds are usually more stylish than platform beds, which makes them the ideal choice for anyone looking for a practical but stylish wooden bed.

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