Top 5 Car Radar Detectors

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Radar detectors, designed to warn drivers of police radar, thereby reducing the odds of speeding ticket issuance, have existed for nearly as long as radar detection devices. Legal battles related to the ownership and usage of these devices persist around the world. In many countries, such as Canada, most of Australia, Brazil, and Belgium, devices to detect or jam radar signals are expressly forbidden. For an extended period of time, the radar detector fell into a legal grey area in the UK. Until 1998, the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949 forbade usage of these devices. However, no ownership restrictions existed. In January of 1998 an amendment altered the antiquated act, permitting both the use and ownership of personal radar detection devices. Since that time, dozens of high-quality radar detectors burst onto the scene.
1 Escort Passport 9500ix
Escort Passport 9500ix

The Escort Passport 9500ix offers users a highly effective, easy-to-use radar detection option. Multiple types of radar detector are picked up by the Escort Passport 9500ix, including K band, Ka band, Ku band, Laser, and X band. Coverage is available in both the front and rear of the vehicle for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, the system offers many extras aimed at preventing false alarms, which are a common complaint amongst users of radar detection devices. One way the Passport offers protection from false alarms is by automatically reducing level sensitivity when the driver reduces speed. It also warns drivers of VG2 and VG3 radar detector detection devices.

2 Beltronics Pro 300
Beltronics Pro 300

The Beltronics Pro 300 features a high-definition display, as well as multiple other handy features such as a quick-release mounting system and quick coil charger. High-performance laser sensors provide maximum warning. Advanced digital technology detects all incoming signals and rejects most false alarms with careful sensitivity methods. Optional features to make driving safer and detection easier include auto mute, city mode sensitivity, voice warnings, and selectable bands. It is important to note that some types of stationary radar detection devices are not picked up by the Beltronics Pro. This includes SPECS, Gatso, TEMPCAM, and other camera detection devices. Full cover is still possible if the device is used in conjunction with an inexpensive GPS radar locator.

3 Micro Fuzion Radar

The Micro Fuzion Radar detector picks up police radar guns often undetectable by GPS detectors at lightning fast speeds. The device features 360 degree laser detection in the front and rear. The screen offers an instant 8 LED onboard warning display, as well as a convenient mute button. There are also selectable bands, as well as motorway and city modes. The ultra lightweight design makes the Micro Fuzion a great choice for commuters or families with more than one vehicle.

4 Snooper Pantera GPS Speed Camera Detector
Snooper Pantera GPS Speed Camera Detector

The Snooper Pantera GPS Speed Camera Detector picks up nearly all speed cameras and radar guns. The ultra-sensitive GPS antenna provides top-notch reliability, with few false alarms. While some radar detectors lack the GPS capabilities required to pick up stationary speed cameras and traditional radar guns, this device features both options in one convenient package. The Snooper runs off one of the most comprehensive verified databases in Europe known as the AURA Speed Camera Database. Convenient voice and visual warnings keep drivers safe, with their eyes on the road at all times.

5 Cobra XRS 9445
Cobra XRS 9445

The Cobra XRS 9445 provides 14-band detection in a lightweight, easily portable design. The LaserEye software included with the Cobra offers 360 degree detection of radar devices. Both voice and strobe alerts are provided by the Cobra to ensure quick reaction time and safe travels on the part of the driver. Additionally, the device self-mutes after a given period of time for driver convenience. IntelliMute technology renders the device itself invisible to devices intended to pick up signals from radar detectors, such as the VG-2 and Spectre.

How to Buy Radar Detectors on eBay

Radar detectors provide protection from a variety of radar detection devices including police operated speed guns, as well as automated speed cameras. A wide variety of new and used speed detection devices are available on eBay from sellers all over the world. To find such a device, simply search for a related term, like 'radar detector' on eBay. From that point, results should flood in. While radar detection devices are legal in much of the UK and surrounding areas, it is important to review local ordinances regarding usage before purchase to ensure adherence. Radar detectors are a great way to travel safely while avoiding speed traps and pricey fines.