Top 5 Glasstop Hobs

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Glasstop hobs are more than just an attractive-looking way to cook food. They heat rapidly for quick cooking, and make cleanup a snap. These glasstop stoves come in two forms: induction and ceramic. The former features a burner made of magnetic metal that transfers heat directly to pots and pans for more efficient use of electricity. Ceramic hobs have heating elements directly beneath the glass, and these heat up and cool down quickly. The top five glasstop hobs include a mix of both induction and ceramic models. All of these hobs would be a great choice for those who want to cook efficiently and clean up easily afterwards. All of these glasstop hobs and many more are available on eBay.
1 Beko HII64400AT

The Beko HII6400AT induction hob offers high efficiency for a relatively low price. Heat transfers directly to the bottom of pots and pans on the glass surface rather than to the glass itself. This prevents heat loss in cooking, making use of electricity as efficiently as possible. Like a gas stove, the HII64400AT gives instant heat but without the danger of an open flame. In fact, the hob around the heating zones always remains cool to the touch, reducing the chances of accidental burns. The HII64400AT cools as rapidly as it heats, enabling users to quickly bring boiling water to a simmer. With user-friendly, touch-sensitive buttons built directly into the glass, it is easy to turn on and adjust. A lock button also prevents children from changing the cooking temperature. The Beko HII64400AT is 1.0 cm high by 58.0 cm wide by 51.0 cm deep and it is easy to install.

2 Zanussi ZEI6240FBA

Providing fast heating and cooling, energy efficiency, and a never-hot hob, the Zanussi ZEI6240FBA offers the same key benefits as the Beko HII64400AT. One difference, though, is that the Zanussi model offers two small cooking zones, one mid-size one, and one large one. The Beko model, on the other hand, has one small cooking zone, two mid-size ones, and one large one. Residual heat does remain on the heating zones of induction hobs, and the Zanussi ZEI6240FBA has an indicator that lets users know when the heating zone has completely cooled, helping to prevent burns and discomfort while cleaning the glass surface. The unit is 5.5 cm high by 59.0 cm wide by 52.0 cm deep, and these dimensions mean that the Zanussi ZEI6240FBA requires deeper installation into a counter than the Beko HII64400AT does.

3 Samsung C61R1AAMST

The Samsung C61R1AAMST four-burner ceramic hob features powerful elements that quickly deliver heat for fast cooking. The glass surface has sensor buttons built in that enable users to easily control the different heating elements. An "H" indicator lets users know when residual heat has dissipated from the elements on the C61R1AAMST, making them safe to touch. A safety lock prevents children from turning on the hob, preventing accidents in the kitchen. A steel edge gives the C61R1AAMST style and sharp contrast that help it to stand out on the counter surface. This ceramic hob is 5.3 cm high by 57.5 cm wide by 50.5 cm deep.

4 Hotpoint CRA641DC

The Hotpoint CRA641DC is a four-zone ceramic hob with one zone containing a double ring, for more flexibility in terms of the different size pots and pans one can use. The heating zones provide almost instant heat, and each one maintains a lit "H" until it has completely cooled after powering down. Users should enjoy the ease of operating the CRA641DC through built-in touch-button controls in the glass surface. Users can lock a heating zone at one of its nine heat levels to prevent others from accidentally changing the cooking temperature. A child lock also prevents children from turning on the hob. The CRA641DC is 4.6 cm high by 59 cm wide by 52 cm deep, and users commonly cite ease of installation as one of the CRA641DC's outstanding features.

5 Beko HIC64102

The Beko HIC64102 represents one of the best values available for a ceramic hob. The four cooking zones provide fast heat, and users can choose from six heating levels. Two large zones make this hob ideal for cooking for a family, and users also have a mid-size and small zone available. Users control the heating zones via four knobs on the right side. The HIC64102 is easy to clean, and it has a solid build for durability. This hob is 9.5 cm high by 58.0 cm wide by 51.0 cm deep, and consumers should ensure their counter is deep enough to fit this hob before purchase.

How to Buy Glasstop Hobs on eBay

You can find the top five and many other high-quality glasstop hobs on eBay. Use the search bar found on most pages within the site to locate the model of your choice, and review sellers by checking their feedback. This collection of buyer comments and ratings of sellers can help you decide from which seller to buy your hob. If you want to reduce shipping time and cost, try filtering for sellers located near your postcode. You can also check eBay Deals for sales on glasstop hobs. With a large selection, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service from sellers, eBay is the ideal source for your high-performance hob.