Top 7 Diesel Engines

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Small to medium sized diesel engines for use in agricultural and industrial applications are available as standalone items, and these engines replace damaged or malfunctioning engines in anything from small power tools up to tractors. Buyers may also purchase them in order to replace a petrol engine with a diesel engine for improved torque and efficiency. The number of engines available from manufacturers and online distributors, retailers, and resellers is huge. As they shop, buyers should pay attention to the features, benefits, and availability of seven of the most popular and best-regarded diesel engines available to buyers in the UK, ranging from 9 or 10 horsepower (or HP) to over 60 HP.
1 LaunTop LA186 10 Horsepower

As a smaller engine for use with power tools and small appliances, LaunTop's LA186 model comes rated with a maximum 10 HP output (sustained output of 8.6 HP). It displaces 406 cc, has an engine speed of 3000 to 3600 rpm, and comes with a 5.5-litre fuel tank. LaunTop engines are widely available, and prices can vary widely amongst models.


2 Kohler Diesel Air-Cooled 9.8 Horsepower

Kohler Engines' KD420 model displaces 442 cc and has a maximum output of just less than 10 HP. This is one of a line of engines by Kohler with up to 25 HP output, though smaller and larger models from the same company are also generally available as well. As a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with a 5-litre fuel tank, it is suitable for smaller applications such as water pumps, pressure washers, and two-wheeled tractors.


3 Kubota 21.6 Horsepower Super Mini Series

Kubota's Mini Series is a line of diesel engines of which the 21.6 HP Super is the largest. It is a vertical, four-cycle, three-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. The Mini Series is Kubota's smallest line of diesel engines and is suitable for smaller agricultural and industrial applications, although the D902 is strong enough to power a small truck or tractor as well.


4 Yanmar 10 Horsepower

Yanmar makes a wide variety of engines for marine, industrial, compressor, and agricultural uses. Yanmar's diesel engines in the 10 HP range are usually air-cooled, though a few models are liquid-cooled and range from single to three-cylinder operation. As one of the larger manufacturers of diesel engines for various purposes, Yanmar's products are widely popular and are usually available in quantity at reasonable prices.


5 Lombardini 19 Horsepower

Lombardini designates its 19 HP diesel engine with model number 25 LD 425-2 and produces a range of air- and liquid-cooled diesel engines ranging from 4 HP to over 50 HP in output. The 25 LD 425-2 in particular is an air-cooled, two-cylinder engine suitable for larger industrial and agricultural tools or for smaller vehicles. This is one of the larger engines in this line from Lombardini, although the manufacturer does make more powerful engines in its other lines.


6 Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 18 Horsepower
Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 18 Horsepower

Briggs and Stratton's Vanguard line of engines ranges from 3 HP to 36 gross HP and includes both vertical and horizontal engines. The 18 HP model displaces 570 cc and is a two-cylinder air-cooled engine suitable for commercial and industrial mowers and other small vehicles, power generation, and heavy-duty water pumps. Other engines in the Vanguard line may be a better fit for other purposes, and they can replace the smaller engines referenced above from other manufacturers.


7 Wisconsin TMD27 66.5 Horsepower

Wisconsin Motors' TMD27 is a larger diesel engine suitable for use in a small tractor or other vehicle. Displacing a hefty 2700 cc, this model is a four-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with a cylinder block and crankcase made of heavy-duty cast iron. Replacement parts are 70 per cent compatible with all other TM line engines from the same manufacturer, and the mounting points are identical on the diesel and petrol versions.


How to Buy Diesel Engines on eBay

You can find diesel engines on eBay in several ways. The easiest way, however, is simply to type "diesel engines" into the search field located on every eBay page. After searching, the category dealing with motors likely returns a number of cars and motorcycles, so finding diesel engines that way is rather roundabout. However, you should also be presented with a number of filters and subcategories, and choosing one of those categories should return diesel engines suitable for those uses or associated with those categories. If you are seeking a particular engine, entering its manufacturer in the search field should bring up any items available, allowing you to easily find the diesel engine that fits your needs best.