Top Tips - Garden Marquee Buying Guide

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Buying A Garden Marquee

Only buy quality PE and PVC Covers, which come complete with a fire-rated certificate. PVC material is by far the best quality material on the market with double the lifespan of polyethylene (PE) – beware of suppliers, which claim otherwise. Look for a PVC material with Dutch Lacing instead of zips as stitched zips in PVC just pulls away from the covers during use.

Unfortunately there are two kinds of PVC and some unscrupulous sellers will advertise them at 500g i have even seen them at 650g, and afer ordering a sample of the material they are more like 380g 

So how do you tell the difference between good quality PVC and Cheap PVC?

* This is a good video from YouTube below
* If you are unsure then order a sample of the material from a few sellers and compare.

Ask the supplier if they know where the material has been manufactured? if they say its from china then run a mile as this material will perish within 3 months, however if they say its imported from Korea then you have a chance that you are buying quality. I had some Chinese marquees made from Chinese PE material they perish away in a matter on months, buy a marquee from a first line supplier someone like Gala Tent who have been around for years and known for quality. Im sure they also have an ebay shop and sometimes start auctions for marquees from only 99p, they have a section on their website with clearance so give them a bell............. well worth a visit.

Check the pole size as well 38mm is minimum required for 3m and 4m span marquee,.......for a 6m span marquee 44mm is required, however also check for pole thickness you need 1mm diameter minimum for 3m and 4m span marquee................... 6m span marquees require 1.2mm this is simply because of the shear span and weight of the the total structure, Stay clear of 3m high marquees they are just not high enough for the span. Sellers who sell these are just skimping on materials, the min height requirement is 3.3m but look for 3.7m which is max height and very substantial.

If a buyer does not list the pole thickness then you can bet your bottom dollar that it will 0.6mm and if the price is unusually low then alarm bells should be ringing. There are alot of bedroom sellers and chinese posing as uk sellers on ebay so its always safer to buy from a specialist uk marquee company as you will always have back up with spare parts.

Check the apex pitch height if you are buying a 6m span marquee, you need at least 3.3m to 3.7m for this size marquee to be stable when erected, Sellers who sell the 3m pitch roof in the 6m marquees are just skimping on materials, the lower the pitch the more unstable the structure which is simple mathematics. Some marquees on ebay have a very low pitch roof some as low as 2.9m this is to save on costs of materials inc. steel and covers etc.... which results in a very low retail price....... example 3m roof video below from YouTube

Hope this helps ;)

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