Tow dolly ,A frame towing device

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There is  alot of  legal jargon behind the use of a tow dolly and A frame for the towing of cars

If you thinking of buying one of these then you may want to think again after reading this guide

The use of tow dollys and A frames are only intended for the recovery of broken down vehicles

The vehicle you are recovering must be road legal ,ie have an mot,road tax and be fully insured 

The vehicle you are using to pull the tow dolly is also legally required to be able to tow the weight of your towed vehicle and your tow dolly must be able to carry the weight of said towed vehicle ,now where it gets tricky is that not all of the weight of the towed vehicle is on the tow dolly ,but it does not matter are your are still towing the whole car using this device

In other words you cant turn up with Clio and tow dolly and expect to tow a volvo estate ,where as the other way round and your tow dolly can carry the full weight of a Clio then its not a problem ,providing both cars are legal ,mot'd road taxed and insured and of course only if the Clio has broken down ,However if you tell " Mr Policeman its broken down"  then theres nothing he can do to tell you otherwise , after all he is a policeman not a car mechanic how is he going to know   

Most of the tow dolly's are plated ,you get some home made efforts that you really should avoid

If you are using a tow dolly to move a track car,autotest,rallycar or a car that is not road legal then you are breaking the law

The best option is use a car trailer ,ok these are exspensive but its saves a lot of hassle and you can tow what you like depending on the weight limit of the trailer etc

You se a lot of  large camper vans towing these micro cars ,again believe it or not they are breaking the law as they are not Recovering a broken down vehicle .

Its madness i know and i think a lot of police turn a blind eye if they think that your set up looks to be safe and alot of them just dont know the law with regards to tow dolly's

I think the whole law should be changed as a tow dolly is far easier to have sitting about than a muckle great car trailer and there are lighter and easier to use ,but until the law is changed Tow dolly's and A frames are for the use of recovery purposes only .

Hope this helps and i found this information via the police as i was concerned i was breaking the law using a tow dolly for my autotesting car ,since i have got rid of my tow dolly and the autotest car as i  have no where to keep a large car trailer

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