Trapdoor Snails

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When purchasing (Trapdoor Snails) Remember,They can and do consume their own body weight in food per day. Therefore Please take into account that the Larger ones will eat more and the smaller ones eat less.Make sure food is available for them when they are active.When purchasing these fellas Understand that they like Hard water full of Calcium this can be done with Rocks in the pond/aquarium together with occasionally adding finely crushed egg shells,This is best done after Microwaving them for approximately 30 seconds. If white starts to appear on the very top or tip of the shell then they have been subject to acid water.This in the long term will kill them Prematurely as the shell has started to erode.Once the condition of the water is corrected the shell condition will be fine from then on ,but the eroded part will not repair.It is fair to say that they can be kept in tropical tanks but not above 74 Degrees as the oxygen levels are very low and they need oxygen rich water,High temperature water carries less oxygen and the lack of it is also what kills them.This can be overcome by using a air stone and a good air pump.These snails are happy to live along all types of water life including large koi ,orf,goldfish,frogs.newts,other species of snails e.t,c,They breed 2 or 3 times a year Mainly in the warmer months.You do need 2 to TANGO.These Snails produce live young between 3 & 10 approximately 1: 20th of the mothers size.The smaller the mother the smaller the baby snail.Good news is they do not lay eggs and over populate like other snails like (Lymnae Stagnalis) or (Rams Horn).In comparison what is hard to accept is ,these are not native to this country but they live here better than our own native species.When the ice comes the trapdoor snails retreat to the bottom where it is warmer for them.But our native species suffer badly as they need to come up for air.This is difficult as snails find it hard to break the ice. If you own sturgeon Steer clear as they love to eat snails.You could also buy very large one's as even sturgeon would find those hard to chew.These snails are very interesting to observe in aquariums as they cruise the substrate looking for food.They are as blind as bats when moving around so they rely on smell and that works fine for them.If for what ever reason they feel threatened they rapidly retreat into their shell and slam the trapdoor shut.Dead trapdoor snails smell Awful !!! a smell that will haunt you for the rest of your life,so if you are unsure if your snail is dead or not very gently sniff it  .....BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!.....I will not be held responsible for you when you are knocked over by it !!! It truely does smell like 15 year old ear wax !!! Not that I have smelt 15 year old ear wax ! //(¬_*)\\

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