UK to US Power Adapter Buying Guide

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UK to US Power Adapter Buying Guide

The UK and the US provide electrical power in different ways. Both the voltage and the speed of the current differ between the two nations, making it difficult to safely use electrical devices across the two countries without a power adapter. Therefore, it is important to understand the types of power adapters you may need when travelling between the UK and the US.


Voltage Adapter

The first type of adapter you may need when traveling is a voltage adapter. This type of adapter is necessary whenever an electrical device, such as a curling iron, is not designed to withstand the lower electrical voltage in the United States. While most electrical devices can handle the differences in voltage by themselves, those that cannot need a voltage adapter in order to function correctly. This tool converts the voltage coming from the outlet into the higher voltage necessary for UK products. You can use these with any type of heating device.


Universal Power Adapter

If your electrical devices can manage the voltage in both the UK and the US (by, for instance, showing a rating from 110-240 volts, which covers the voltage ranges in both countries), you only need to purchase a universal power adapter. This type of adapter provides a simple and extremely inexpensive way to manage the differences between sockets in the UK, US, and other countries. This simple plug works with almost any outlet. These universal adapters appear in a variety of forms, from laptop power adapters, to universal 9V and 12V adapters.


Travel Power Adapter

Regular power adapters can contain multiple parts that make them a bit difficult to transport. Travel power adapters, on the other hand, consist of a single compact piece that allows you to access the power supply in almost any country. As a result, it provides a lightweight, safe, and convenient method for using your UK electrical devices in the US or another country.


Laptop Power Adapter

Because laptops are so expensive, it is particularly important to protect them with the correct UK to US power adapter. While a simple universal or travel adapter may work, you may need to check your laptop charger to see how it will handle various electrical currents. For instance, many computer chargers can handle the voltages found in either country, making an adapter unnecessary. If you do need a laptop charger, you can locate a universal one for most major computer brands that will handle the voltage in either country without the need for an extra power adapter.


Multi Power Adapter

If you choose not to purchase a universal power adapter, you can choose to buy a multi power adapter. These adapters, instead of providing one device only, provide multiple devices and plugs. Each device provides safe access to a different electrical supply, such as those in the UK, US, and EU.

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